From time to time, the staff at Theme Park Tourist takes the opportunity to check the leaderboards. You may not realize it, but you, the reader, enjoy the opportunity to vote on all your favorite attractions on our site. The votes get tallied automatically, with the leaderboard updating to reflect any changes in results. While a few votes here or there won’t disrupt the results much, it’s a fun thing to check on occasion to see where our readers stand on the best of the best.

The problem with a popular vote is that sometimes people get it wrong, though. So, let’s take this opportunity to inject some opinion into the TPT rankings. Today, we’ll focus on the top 10 Walt Disney World attractions as chosen by you all. Here’s a list of everything you got right plus a few things that you got horribly wrong.

10. Test Track (TPT Ranking: #72 overall)

Wow, you folks are tough graders. Test Track is AT WORST the third best thrill ride at Walt Disney World. The other two options both finish waaaaay ahead of it when we tabulate your votes. That’s crazy talk to me.

Test Track provides guests with the option to build a simulated car that the attraction grades against other daily/weekly designs. That gives it a competitive element that’s borderline unprecedented for roller coasters. Plus, the ride experience is dazzling. I love the interior/exterior elements of Test Track in isolation, but they’re that much better in combination. That moment when you exit the dark and blast into daylight is inimitable. Test Track is my favorite thrill ride at Walt Disney World and only slots behind Millennium Force out of everything in the world. Please do me a favor and head over to stuff the ballot box to boost its rating! 3.8 out of 5 just isn’t an accurate reflection of the majesty of Test Track.

9. Carousel of Progress (TPT Ranking: #71 overall)

This is one of the two most difficult attractions to grade out of your current top ten selections. As a Disney historian and superfan of Walt Disney himself, I’m thrilled to see that one of the Pavilions he constructed for the 1964 New York World’s Fair remains beloved to this day. On the other hand, I’m well aware of its limitations. Clever attraction construction notwithstanding, this timeless celebration of American innovations is clearly a product of the 1960s. Is it outdated or is it a classic? I firmly fall into the latter category and am thrilled to see that a lot of Theme Park Tourist readers agree with me. Way to show respect for theme park history, my friends!

8. Mickey’s PhilharMagic (TPT Ranking: #70 overall)

And this is the other attraction that’s difficult to grade. Disney’s robust storytelling structure is the unintentional source of these debates. How does a voter compare what’s effectively a 3D movie (4D if we count props) to a dark ride or roller coaster? I’m not sure that there’s a good answer to this question, and that’s why I choose to take a basic approach here. Every time I exit Mickey’s PhilharMagic, noticing Donald Duck’s posterior protruding from the wall, I’m smiling. The entire point of a theme park visit is to have a great time. This movie celebrates all things Disney in a novel, engaging way. So, I’m with you all on this one.


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