In 2016 Epcot unveiled a new lounge just for Disney Vacation Club members (and their guests) that includes free drinks, comfy couches, and a host of other amenities.

While this is certainly one of the more accessible lounges at Epcot, it is far from the only one. In fact, you probably didn’t know that there are more than half a dozen exclusive corporate lounges around the park that allow sponsors to entertain guests at their attraction. Though almost half of these lounges have been closed or repurposed over the years, let's explore some of the most exclusive places around Epcot that you've (probably) never been to! 

1. GM Test Track corporate lounge

Image: Disney 

This large lounge is available for specific GM employees and corporate VIPs to kick back and enjoy ample seating, meeting space and complimentary drinks. Inside the lounge, guests will also find great views of Future World as well as Spaceship Earth from high up within the building. Guests can also check out a terrific view of Test Track cars inside the attraction going through the brake testing area. If guests at this lounge decide that they want to take a spin on this high-octane attraction, they can also make their way over to a VIP attraction boarding area where they can hop on the ride with no wait. 

2. Siemens Spaceship Earth lounge

Image: Siemens

When you depart Spaceship Earth into the Project Tomorrow exhibit space, you’ll pass by a simple grey door with a small sign that says Siemens on it. The door blends in perfectly with its surroundings, and you’ve probably walked past it several times without realizing it. However, behind this door is the Seimens Spaceship Earth lounge, which is an expansive lounge with plenty of comfy couches, individual meeting rooms, complementary drinks, and touchscreens that display park information and also have unique apps installed to entertain guests. The large windows in this lounge provide breathtaking views of Future World, and the nightly Illuminations fireworks. 

3. The Living Seas lounge

Image: Disney

Back when The Living Seas was sponsored by United Technologies, a lounge was built for employees of this company to kick back, relax, and enjoy stunning floor to ceiling views into this attraction's giant aquarium. However, when this space lost United Technologies as its sponsor, it didn’t just close up this lounge, as guests can now rent this amazing space out for wedding receptions or other special events. 

4. The American Adventure lounge

This is another lounge that has gone through a reinvention in recent years, as it used to be available for American Express employees and cardholders back when this credit card company sponsored The American Adventure. However, in recent years this lounge has been repurposed as a quiet, seasonal retreat for Chase cardholders during the annual Epcot Food and Wine Festival. During other times of the year, this space can also be rented out for special events, weddings, etc. Though this is one of the smaller lounges on property, it still features plenty of seating, free drinks, and during the Epcot Food and Wine festival there are even video game stations set up for little ones.



The Universe of Energy lounge is used by the engineering dept. Living with the Lands is used by cast members for the character dining below at Garden Grill. Test Track's was updated when the ride was a couple years ago. The Seas is mainly used as a meeting/ conference space for managers and executives. Wonders of Life has recently been demo'd. Journey into Imagination (above Captain EO theater) is an office space for park operations staff. Mission Space is there but is not where it was originally planned. The original site for the lounge is an empty building beside the ride that sits unfinished.

There is also a VIP lounge in Norway! I am not sure about the background of it, however it can be rented out by groups. I have been in all of the lounges and think they are unique!

I've gotten into two of these lounges when I was younger

My mom did some sewing work for a couple of people who worked for corporate GM and HP, and they got us access into the corporate lounges.

Lots of tech toys to play with, and got to skip the line at Test Track, twice!

HP one happened a few years later, but it was a similar situation, only skipped the line once with that one though.

It still was a really cool perk. There are offices in there that are actually used for meetings and such on a regular basis from what I can remember.

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