Walt Disney World is the most popular vacation destination on the planet, and it has tons of good reasons why it should keep that title. But let's face it — not every ride and show is worth the time you'd spend in line, especially when there are so many better things to do at the parks, hotels and Disney Springs. Here's a list of 9 WDW experiences that you should never wait more than half an hour for:

Editor's Note: Jennifer's opinions in no way reflect those of Theme Park Tourist or its staff. 

9. Primeval Whirl

Primeval WhirlDinoLand U.S.A. is completely different from the rest of the offerings at Disney's Animal Kingdom, and Chester and Hester's Dino-Rama is its kitschy prehistoric midway that looks like it was thrown together in a parking lot. So you'd think that this area's premier attraction would be super fun as well, right? Not so much. The coaster certainly looks cool, with its brightly colored blue and red tracks, and its time-travel theme is well incorporated, with cartoon dinosaurs hastily preparing for their impending doom, but the ride itself feels like a Tilt-a-Whirl atop a coaster track. On this ride, you'd better hope you know your neighbors, because you're likely to be crashing into them when the wild mouse coaster whips its way around the track and the spins come to a screeching halt. Plenty of people have reported feeling pain after they attempt this ride, so if you're prone to any kind of body aches (or nausea), this is definitely a coaster to skip.      

8. Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith
Many Disney rides have interesting theming and backstories that could be (and sometimes have been) explored in movies, books and TV shows. But you're not likely to want to watch "The Adventures of Aerosmith as They Try to Make it to Their Concert on Time." Even though this coaster has a themed pre-show and queue, it's not a very compelling ride. It's definitely not worth a long wait in line, especially when the much better Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is just a few steps away at Disney's Hollywood Studios. 

7. Tomorrowland Speedway

Tomorrowland Speedway
Most of you reading this can probably drive a real car. So why would you want to squeeze yourself into a tiny vehicle and poke along on a guided track? The cars are hard to steer on the guide rail and difficult to pedal, and this ride not only treats you to the overpowering scents of gasoline and exhaust but also the excruciatingly loud sounds of lawnmower engines. And, just when you're about to get off the ride, the cars pile up at the end and there's a good chance you'll get bumped by the one behind you. There's a reason why this ride has been called a "Traffic Jam Simulator," and it doesn't deserve a place in your day at the Magic Kingdom.   

6. Mission: SPACE

 SPACEAll of the safety warnings in the queue of this Epcot ride make it seem like it would actually be fun. But for many people, it's not. The G-forces make some guests feel sick, and for others, the ride is just simply boring. The onboard "jobs" of navigator, pilot, commander and engineer that seem so crucial to the story and the experience just involve pushing buttons, and the graphics already seem like they're outdated. Whether you join the more-intense "Orange Team" or head to the spin-free "Green Team," it might be better to avoid the claustrophobia that could be caused by the ride's tight space capsules and sit this one out. 

5. Mad Tea Party

Mad Tea Party
Speaking of spinning, that's what this ride does. And that's all it does. You can control the speed and direction of your own spin by operating the wheel in the center of your cup, but if you don't like much movement, the ride becomes even more boring. The Magic Kingdom's Mad Tea Party is also a very slow-loading ride, since it only has 18 teacups that will hold up to five guests each. You could pretty much get the same feeling of being on this ride if you just spun yourself around in a chair. And is that really worth waiting in line for? 

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