By now, you probably heard of the "Drink Around the World" challenge at Epcot.  It's an unofficial game where park guests attempt to have one (or more) alcoholic beverages in each of the eleven World Showcase pavilions.  Although it can be a fun way to sample an imported drink that represents each country's culture, it is also expensive and not exactly fun for all ages.  Luckily, there are plenty of other ways way to explore each pavilion. While drinking around the world certainly can be fun, next time you are at Epcot's World Showcase, try some of these different challenges! 

1. Drink (a Non-Alcoholic Beverage) Around the World

Joy of Tea

Sure, this is still a "Drink Around the World" challenge, but if you are traveling with people under 21 or would prefer to have a more relaxed walk around Epcot, you can try a different type of drink around the world. For this challenge, find an exotic beverage in each pavilion that is non-alcoholic.  You would be surprised how many sodas, teas, and coffee variations you can find. 

For example, the Joy of Tea stand in China sells teas and smoothies you will probably not find anywhere else in Walt Disney World.  You can also find various citrus flavored sodas in Italy's gelato kiosk and non-alcoholic mixed drinks in Morocco's juice bar.  Don't forget to walk around the many gift shops in each pavilion - you may be surprised to find some bottled juices and sodas that you can bring home! Not only is this challenge fun, but you can always find an extra cup and share your drinks with your friends and family.

2. Snack Around the World

Yorkshire Fish and Chips

World Showcase is known for having some of the best restaurants and food kiosks on Disney property.  Not only can you find traditional theme park snacks like popcorn and ice cream, but you can try some unique snacks from around the world.  That is why snacking around World Showcase can be so fun.  All you have to do is kind a food kiosk or stand in each country and order something different.   Countries like Norway and France both have excellent bakeries where you can find some really unique and tasty pastries, while France and Italy have ice cream and gelato stands with flavors you don't normally find in average American ice cream shops. 

For something more filling, you can also get fish and chips in the UK or sushi in Japan.  For something on the go, get a pretzel from Germany or funnel cake from the American Adventure, so you can snack while still walking around. Besides, you will definitely find lots of prepackaged snacks in each store, which is great to bring home or save for later.  If you have more of a sweet tooth, you can turn this challenge into "Desserts Around the World."  These snacks are perfect for sharing, and if you try something in each country you probably will be full enough to not need a dining reservation later at night.


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