You only have a few days at Walt Disney World and have a very limited amount of time to do everything you want.  However, you definitely know you want to meet Mickey Mouse. Since you are on a budget, character dining and special event parties are out.  Luckily, you still have many options, because Mickey Mouse has designated meeting location in every single one of Walt Disney World's four parks.  But where are you going to meet him?  There are pros and cons to each location, so take a look and see which one works best for you!  

1. Magic Kingdom - Town Square Theater

Mickey in Magic Kingdom

Image: Disney


Mickey Talks!: This is the one location where you can meet talking Mickey!  Mickey can now sing, ask questions, and interact with guest in a new way.

Location: Town Square Theater is one of the first buildings on the right as you enter Magic Kingdom, so Mickey is always easy to find!  It’s a convenient location if you want to stop right in first thing in the morning or on your way out of the park.


Mickey Talks!: Yes, this is also a con for some people. To some, talking Mickey comes off as a little creepy and unsettling.  His vocabulary is still limited to certain phrases, so you still can’t have a full conversation with quite yet Mickey (compared to Crush in Turtle Talk). 

The costume: Quick, when I tell you to picture Mickey Mouse, what is he wearing?  Most likely, it’s his iconic red trousers, yellow bowtie, and black jacket. While here Mickey is wearing a cool-looking magician’s costume, it still isn’t quite as iconic as his classic suit.

The Line: This experience is quite popular, and the line can be quite long as a result. If you don’t have a FastPass, expect to wait at least half an hour, even on slow days.

2. Epcot - Epcot Character Spot

Mickey in Epcot

Image: Disney


One Line, Multiple Characters: Inside the Character Spot, you can also find Minnie Mouse and Goofy. Each character meets in a separate station, so as soon as you finish meeting on character you can move on to the next.  It certainly beats standing in three separate lines.

Mickey’s Classic Costume: That’s exactly what he is wearing when you meet him in Epcot.  It’s classic, it’s timeless, and it will always look great in a photo.


That Background:  Mickey’s background at the Character Spot may be bright and colorful, but it can also be a bit distracting in photos.

Noisy: Character Spot in indoors, which is great on hot and rainy days, but it can also be a crowded space.  And because three times as many groups are in the same (relatively) small space, the noise level can be a little high. The background music, which is usually pop covers of Disney classics, doesn’t help.

The Crowds: Since each character meets individually, there can be a little wait in between each interaction. And because all the characters meet in a line, it’s easy to see the (anxiously) waiting group in front of and behind you.  This doesn’t bother some people, but for others it can make them feel like they have to rush through their interaction since they can see the line around them. This can be especially true when they are some not-so-patient people behind you.  The experience can also feel less personal, since there can be many other people around you. 


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