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Will The Addition of a Star Wars Land Change Disneyland Forever?

LIGHT SIDE #3: Star Wars land plays a unique role in both parks.

While both Disneyland Park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios are getting identical (as far as we know) Star Wars lands, they each play a very different role. Sure, both lands will represent a never-before-seen planet in the Star Wars universe, but they’re both able to fit into their respective parks in very unique ways.

At Disneyland, the Star Wars land will be anchored along the northern shore of the Rivers of America in a never-before-used space (which, originally, had been set aside in the 1970s for a magnificent lost land called Discovery Bay). The plot is expected to allow Star Wars land to connect to Frontierland and Critter Country, creating a pathway around the northern edge of the river (and finally ridding Critter Country of its dreaded dead-end status). Look carefully, though, and you’ll see just how well the Star Wars land that Disney has designed melds with both Frontierland and Critter Country. It’s smart. After all, fans’ knees buckled at the thought that a towering, futuristic Coruscant-style city would rise above Critter Country. But it won’t. Star Wars land (which will be mostly-concealed behind a new rock face anyway) fits with the more natural lands (Adventure, Frontier, Critter Country) on the park’s western side - it transitions well from, to, and between from the redwoods of Critter Country to the Utah forests of Frontierland!

At Hollywood Studios, it’ll stand out. But that’s a good thing. Since its opening, the park has languished under its tired “studio” theme. Midway through the ‘90s, the advent of the DVD and its backstage features took the sizzle out of studio-style parks, and most have felt the heat ever since. Fans have been begging for Hollywood Studios to lose its tired, cheap “studio” theme (and name) and get rid of boxy tan showbuildings, mismatched neighbor attractions, and eye-roll-inducing “movie magic” elements for some time. Star Wars land is a step in the right direction. Pair it with the announced Toy Story Land and the days of the Studios appear to be numbered.

LIGHT SIDE #4: Star Wars land treats the franchise with a reverence that’s been missing for a long time.

Disney’s partnership with Lucasfilm started long ago. Even in the mid-1980s, they were working together to develop their original version of the interstellar simulator (as chronicled in our in-depth feature, Lost Legends: Star Tours), and their relationship has been fairly consistent ever since. Fans know that Disney leveraged that partnership long before they ever acquired Star Wars outright. From attractions and shows to Star Wars Weekends and merchandise. One mistake they made: an irreverent attitude.

We’ve all seen the videos of Boba Fett dancing to Lady Gaga at Star Wars Weekends. We’ve seen Disney Parks commercials with Darth Vader riding Dumbo. We’ve seen action figures of the Muppets dressed as Star Wars characters and Minnie Mouse with Leia’s signature hairstyles… Ultimately, these displays of hilarity might’ve earned cheers from hardcore fans, but the truth is that they cheapen the brand. Videos of Darth Vader and Stormtroopers dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” at Hollywood Studios are what Steve Jobs would call a “brand withdrawal,” pulling credence and respect from the characters. The truth is, the Star Wars brand is worth more than that.

(By the way, many fans imagine that Disney’s treatment of their Star Wars license is one element that weighed heavily against them when J.K. Rowling first entered talks to bring Harry Potter to Disney Parks. And think about it: Rowling probably expected (rightly) that if Disney got the rights, they’d have Muppets dressed up as Hogwarts students; have Voldemort dancing to Tina Turner at “Harry Potter Weekends,” and put a Harry Potter ride in a big tan showbuilding at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.)

To Disney’s credit (and perhaps as an example of their savvy), the minute they acquired Star Wars and Lucasfilm, much of that nonsense stopped. They made a conscious effort to undo the cheapening they themselves had brought. You won’t find Darth Vader dancing anymore; you won’t find too many instances of crossover merchandise; Disney is now dedicated to depositing into the Star Wars brand, not withdrawing. A meet-and-greet with Darth Vader is dramatic and intense, not a joke. Stormtroopers are imposing and dramatic atmosphere, not backup dancers. A fully realized Star Wars land is evidence of that newfound respect and reverence. It's a good thing.

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There are 9 comments.

Star Wars land in Disney Hollywood Studios makes sense because they are essentially redesigning the park into a Islands of Adventure format without the water. Toy Story Land, old hollywood, star wars land, and with the new muppet restaurant muppet land. Not to mention whatever additional themed area that is eventually going to be build in lights, motor action section of the park. Star wars land does seem to stand out in Disneyland, but I think Walt would not be against it. He wanted disney to constantly be changing declaring that it will never be finished. Theme parks are evolving people want to enter the places of there fantasies in the biggest way possible and star wars land will be able to do that more so than discovery bay. Discovery bay represents old theme park ideas-- there is nothing wrong with that, but there is nothing wrong with transforming with the times either.

I agree that the star wars land is a good idea, but I also agree that it doesn't fit within Disneyland Park and should be built at a third gate. I'm really looking forward to seeing it in Florida but believe it would totally change Disneyland and not in such a great way!

We aren't going to see Star Wars land open anywhere until the next decade. There will be minimum 4 more movies out before then, and that's plenty of time for the film makers and animators to start putting examples of Star Wars food on the big screen and the Disney XD cartoon. We saw a glimpse with the instant green bread Rey ate in The Force Awakens, and I think we will see more food placement in the years to come.

I like my Jedi Mickey. So, I disagree with you on that topic.

Star Wars land is great for Hollywood Studios, but I hate it being added to Disneyland. It doesn't fit that park. So sad. Disneyland is my favorite.

Should have found room to put it in CA Adventure, since that parks needs something more to counterbalance disneyland. It's basically an overflow park, and the imbalance is just going to get bigger.

And no, I don't want them to make the park like DisneyWorld. The park's charm is that it is small and intimate. Yes it's crazy crowded during the fireworks or parades or fantasmic, but that is fun in it's own way, and the park has much more magic late at night when the crowds thin out.

I am excited to see Star Wars take a more prominent position in Hollywood Studios. The streets of America are boring and confusing and I don't think anyone cares to see them go.
I am not thrilled to hear that Disneyland is getting a new land. Honestly, I wouldn't even like to see Discovery Bay happen. I like classic Disneyland and don't want to see another land shoehorned in.
In my opinion they should pull out Autotopia which takes up an enormous amount of space, and replace it with whatever E-ticket attraction comes out of Star Wars land in FL.

I'm a little surprised but I think a very Disney name for Starwars land would simply be "A long time ago..."

The signs would be neat!
A long time ago... ->

Hey, Star Wars is great and all but I still can't believe they decided to put the Star Wars-themed land into Disneyland rather than DCA. To me, it's a no brainer. DCA needs to attract more Guests, Disneyland needs a break from the crowds. Even if they have some master plan for DCA down the line (adding more Marvel) that doesn't take into consideration the YEARS of suffering Disneyland will face with overcrowding. Even if the new land turns out beautifully which I'm sure it will, it still doesn't "go" with the overall concept of the park. And I really, really hope they're not just going to call it "Star Wars Land"!!


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