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A great thing about Walt Disney World is that it’s always changing. That is what Walt Disney wanted after all. He wanted a park that would change with the seasons, trends, and simply with time. Not only throughout the years but from moment to moment. His dream comes true every day. 

What about the guests? Do they change too? Of course, they do. Here are 4 ways some guests are different at the start of the day compared to the end of it.

1. Family "bonding"


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When a park opens you will see thousands of families who can’t wait to spend the day together. They want to see every show together, ride every ride as a family and eat every meal as one single unit. This is incredibly sweet, and very hard to do in Walt Disney World. Especially riding every ride together.

Leaving the park, you will sometimes see a very different scene. When you look at that same family the parents are fighting about how much money they spent on souvenirs. Sisters are throwing popcorn at their brothers, and babies are screaming because they don’t want to be in their strollers. The family wants nothing else, but to be far away from each other. Do they really mean it? No of course not. They love each other, but after 10 hours in the hot Florida sun anything can seem awful. People take out their frustrations on the people they love, and there is no better time to see that then after the final fireworks.

2. A different kind of bus trip


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Each morning outside of every resort you will see hundreds of families happily waiting for the buses They have a coffee in one day, bagel in the other, and can’t wait to start the day. They are excited to begin the day and have no problem waiting in the transportation line. This is a good moment. Lineups of guests daydreaming about the fun they will have at the parks. They know magic will happen after riding that spectacular Disney bus.

On their way back to the resort is a very different story. Outside every park at Walt Disney World would be crowds of tired parents, cranky kids, and people becoming irrationally angry at having to wait. Their feet hurt, they stink and just want to get a good night sleep. We have all been there.



The biggest change is...In DisneyWorld, CALORIES DONT COUNT!!

In reply to by EJ Vaira (not verified)

Because you walk off any calories you eat!

Oh god I would never rely on Disney bus transportation, renting a car is so inexpensive if done right and easy.

Nothing is cheaper than free

Great article!

The biggest transformation for us is the change from first thing in the morning when we think to ourselves "How the heck are we going to fit everything in today?" to the evening when we smile and relax saying "Everything was achievable today" :-)

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