Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom has some amazing places to eat. Guests can dine in the castle with Cinderella or have a world-famous Dole Whip from Aloha Isle. Everywhere they turn they encounter a new delicious treat to be experienced. Disney’s full-service restaurants and quick service options are all fantastic, but what if guests just want a snack? Sadly there is a food option that is constantly being forgotten; food carts. Guests will find big treats hidden in small stations.

Most guests have heard of the “Drink around the World” challenge at Epcot’s World Showcase. The unofficial event where friends will have a drink (or two) at each of the 11 countries that make up the World Showcase. It may sound simple, but we have seen many a pro fall victim to its difficulty. Many guests don’t know there is a much milder version at the Magic Kingdom. 

A new trend sweeping Walt Disney World is “Snacking around the Kingdom” The rules are simple, and the entire family can join in. The goal is to try 10 separate food items that were purchased only at food carts. Duplicate items will only count as one, and drinks don’t count at all. For the purpose of the challenge, we will only be talking about the food options and not drinks. It should be noted that food carts move and change all the time. Some are seasonal and some are only open limited hours during the day.

With that in mind, let’s go Snack around the Kingdom together!  

Stop 1 - Egg Roll Cart

egg roll

Image: Genevieve Pelletier

Location: Adventureland


  • Vegetable Egg Roll  - $2.75 
  • Cheeseburger Spring Rolls (2)  - $4.50 
  • Assorted Chips -  $3.25 
  • Chocolate-Chip Cookies - $2.50 

The cheeseburger spring rolls… oh, the spring rolls. Let’s all just take a moment of silence for their goodness. Are they fattening? Who cares?!  All guests need to try these. This is also a fantastic place to start the challenge because they are unusual and super tasty. It will get us excited for the rest of the challenge.

Stop 2 – Circus Pretzel Cart


Image : Genevieve Pelletier

Location: Storybook Circus


  • Mickey Pretzel – $5.00
  • Cheese Sauce – $1.00 
  • Churro – $4.00 
  • Chocolate Dipper – $0.50

If you haven’t had a Mickey Pretzel you are seriously missing out. The pretzel is in the shape of a Mickey Head and is a food right of passage in the Magic Kingdom. Drown it with some mustard and you are in for a treat!

Stop 3 - Hot Dog Cart 

Hot Dog

Image : Genevieve Pelletier

Location: Frontierland


  • Hot Dog – $5.75
  • Assorted Chips – $3.25
  • Chocolate-Chip Cookie – $2.50

These Hot Dogs are tasty, but some people might find $5.75 expensive for Hot Dog that comes with no sides. It is a jumbo dog, and we really enjoyed it. Looking back a smarter move would have been to space out the bigger food cart options. We were starting to get full by this point and had only eaten three things. Luckily we are food-eating champions! We haven’t technically won any official awards, but we haven’t lost any either.

Stop 4 – Popcorn Cart 


Image : Genevieve Pelletier

Location: Tomorrowland


  • Popcorn in a Souvenir Bucket  - $6.00
  • Popcorn  - $4.00
  • Cotton Candy  - $4.50
  • Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar  - $4.25
  • Mickey’s Cookies ‘N Cream Ice Cream Sandwich  - $4.25
  • Frozen Chocolate-covered Banana  - $4.00
  • Mango Cream Bar  - $3.75
  • Strawberry Fruit Bar  - $3.75
  • No Sugar Added Strawberry Bar  - $3.75
  • Olaf Frozen Lemonade-Strawberry Bar  - $4.00

We knew we wanted to try popcorn later in the day, so we actually had an Olaf Frozen Lemonade-Strawberry Bar here. We’ve seen lots of kids eating them in the park, and always thought it was something moms gave to the children to stop them from begging for a treat. Have you tried these things? They are amazing!

A warning that they are very sweet, but taste really fresh. It might become one of our new favorite treats.

Stop 5 – Circus Popcorn and Ice Cream Cart 


Image :Genevieve Pelletier

Location: Storybook Circus


  • Cinnamon-glazed Almonds - $5.00
  • Popcorn - $4.00
  • Popcorn in Souvenir Bucket - $6.00
  • Cotton Candy - $4.50
  • Mickey Ice Cream Bar - $4.25
  • Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich- $4.25
  • Frozen Mango Fruit Bar - $3.75
  • Frozen Banana Chocolate Covered with Nuts - $4.25
  • Olaf Frozen Lemonade-Strawberry Bar - $4.00
  • Strawberry Fruit Bar - $3.75
  • No Sugar Added Strawberry Fruit Bar - $3.75

We tried the Cinnamon-glazed Almonds here and are almost fearful to tell people they are tasty. Yes, they were delicious, but we fear for people’s teeth. There were chunks of glaze that looked like an Almond but was much harder. If someone mistook them, there could be some serious dental bills in their future. With that being said, they were a great snack. They were perfect for this challenge because it wasn’t another heavy food for our stomachs. They were light and easy to share.


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