Each of the theme parks at Walt Disney World has a hook. Magic Kingdom has the most wonderful assortment of amusement attractions on the planet, Animal Kingdom brilliantly combines a day at the zoo with one of Disney’s hottest roller coasters, and Hollywood Studios…is to be determined. Theoretically, it’s a recreation of the glory days of the Hollywood film industry in Florida. In practice, it’s a park in flux, but the idea is sound.

That leaves Epcot, a hodgepodge of several high concepts from Walt Disney’s personal think tank, the most noteworthy of which is World Showcase. It’s the theme park that explores the concept of It’s a Small World on a meta level. Given the unmistakable link between Walt Disney and the 1964 World’s Fair, it’s unsurprising that the company would create their version of a permanent World’s Fair at a park. The serendipitous outcome of the construction was a foodie’s haven.

With 11 different pavilions at the World Showcase, many of the most popular and exotic cuisines across the globe are available in one location. Since it’s Disney, all of the foods available are authentic to the point that they entice chefs from foreign lands to pick up stakes and move to Orlando, Florida. There, they create the delicious meals from their homelands, making it one of the finest food hubs in the United States. There are dozens of options for the ultimate in cuisine here, so you probably won’t have time to visit them all during a single trip to Walt Disney World. Here are the eight restaurants you should prioritize since they’re the best of the best at World Showcase.

8. Liberty Inn

At some point while you’re eating at the World Showcase, you’ll want a quick bite that’s basic in nature. The American Pavilion offers one of the best options for this. Liberty Inn is a Quick Service restaurant that features American favorites like cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and chicken nuggets. It also serves as a nice compromise selection if one or two members of the party are hungrier. There’s a New York strip steak that is surprisingly tasty at a ridiculously low cost of $11.99. You’d be hard pressed to find that kind of value at home, much less at a tourist destination like Walt Disney World.

7. Teppan Edo

Image © Disney

If you enjoy watching your food get cooked in front of you, you’ll rank this one even higher. Teppan Edo at the Japan Pavilion focuses on cuisine such as stir-fry, and it pluses your dining experience by adding some entertainment. The highly trained chefs perform cooking utensil gymnastics as they slice and dice your ingredients. Yes, you can see the same thing at your local Benihana, but the food there falls well short of Epcot standards. Teppan Edo is the finest choice for Japanese cuisine at all of Walt Disney World.

6. Lotus Blossom Café

Image © Disney

While Nine Dragons has its fans, it also has a number of detractors as well. If you like Chinese food but don’t want to take a chance on an expensive table service meal you may not enjoy, consider this cheaper alternative. Lotus Blossom Café features covered outdoor seating, so it’s a great choice on a day with a nice breeze. The food is divine, especially the orange chicken, pot stickers, and ginger ice cream. You’ll have plenty of menu options, most of which cost less than $10.

5. Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

Image © Disney

If you want to enjoy a character meal while visiting World Showcase, there’s only one choice. The Akershus Royal Banquet Hall at Norway Pavilion calls its character experience the Princess Storybook meal, which tells you everything you need to know. It’s a table service buffet with a Scandinavian focus, so you’ll have ample samples of exquisite fish dishes. You’ll also enjoy meeting at least four Disney princesses during your meal. It’s a wonderful alternative to Cinderella’s Royal Table, both in terms of cost and popularity. You’ll have a much easier time eating at the Norway Pavilion than at the central hub of Magic Kingdom. Better yet, the food is unforgettably tasty.



Unfortunately, I cannot agree with your recommendation for Monsieur Paul. The changes from Bistro de Paris has been for the worst. Wardrobe changes for the male Cast Members out of the tuxedos has downgraded the overall look. The time I was there I saw a male CM repeatedly sneeze into his sleeve. The others I was with & I all had a very difficult time understanding the server. The CMs also seemed to rush. Before, the Bistro was one of my top favorites but no more. The changes in cast member performance and especially in the menu were not for the better. It makes me extremely sad to write I won't be back.

One of our Honeymoon dinners was at Rose & Crown, and it was by far the worst meal of our stay. I had the fish and chips, and the fish was so soggy with grease that when you pressed your fork to it, grease just seeped out of it. No flavor, either. The only upside was the scottish egg appetizer. We also got early-ish reservations to get a table to watch Illuminations (7:15, show was at 9) and was STILL too late as everyone there was already camping out for the show. Will never go back there. The quick service version's fish and chips looked MUCH better.

Here's a question. Even though I've been going to Epcot since it's opened I've never had a really nice high end meal there. What is the dress code? Judging by the prices and the reviews of some of these places they are places where I would normally wear a jacket or at least a shirt and tie. But they are located in the middle of a theme park? Probably why I've never dined at a nice restaurant there.

I like San Angel Inn the best--if only for its atmosphere! That feeling that you're dining outside at night when you're really inside (and it's not necessarily night) is just so cool! Plus if you're seated in the right spot, you get a great view of the boats gliding by the volcano.

Had to disagree strongly on a couple of those. The food at Rose & Crown is just putrid, and I come to the conclusion after giving it several chances. Teppan Edo, as a Japanese steakhouse, has lower quality food (and higher prices) than my local Japanese restaurant.

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