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8 Long Lost Characters You'll (Probably) Never Meet at Walt Disney World

Hiro and Baymax

Love them or hate them, characters are an undeniable part of the Walt Disney World experience. Whether you like walk around experiences, prefer a leisurely character meal or don't mind waiting in line for a formal meet and greet, there are several dozen character experiences currently around the resort for guests to check out. 

However, even though Walt Disney World's current character lineup is certainly impressive, there have been a staggering amount of characters over the years that have been lost to time. Whether its waning popularity, technical suit issues or even lost rights, here are ten "retired" characters that we'll probably never see at Walt Disney World ever again (as much as we'd want to!) 

1. The Orange Bird

Though the Orange Bird was all but erased from the Magic Kingdom more than two decades ago, this character has made quite the comeback in recent years, with Orange Bird merchandise available all around Walt Disney World. However, though you can bring home any number of Orange Bird keepsakes now, one thing you still can’t do is actually meet the Orange Bird!

Back when this character first started appearing at Walt Disney World, he was a popular walk-around character that would interact with guests around the Sunshine Tree Terrace. However, now the only Orange Bird you can find there is the stoic one behind the counter, which is definitely a shame. 

2. Dreamfinder 

Much like the Orange Bird, Dreamfinder enjoys a cult-like popularity among long-time Disney fans. Though this character has long since been removed from Journey into Imagination, Dreamfinder has appeared on merchandise and has even made his debut in comic book form in recent years, despite not featuring in an attraction or meeting guests for more in more than two decades. Though we'd love to see this character return to Epcot at some point, it seems very unlikely considering how long he's been gone...

3. Quasimodo, Esmerelda or Clopin

Image: Disney

Though villain Frollo is a fixture at Halloween events at Walt Disney World (including Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party) the main characters of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, including Esmerelda, Quasimodo and Clopin have not been seen in quite a long time, only briefly making appearances at a few limited-time rare character events over the years. In fact the last time these characters appeared at Walt Disney World in some meaningful way was back when the Hunchback of Notre Dame show occupied the Premiere Theater at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  

4. Disney Fairies

Image: Disney

At the height of their popularity, the Disney Fairies (along with Tinkerbell) appeared regularly at their own meet and greet space in Adventureland, (where the forthcoming Skipper's Canteen is now under construction). However, in 2014 Tinker Bell moved to the Town Square Theater on Main Street and left all of her fairy friends behind. Though you can still find plenty of Fairies-themed merchandise around Walt Disney World, if you are hoping to actually meet Silvermist, Iridessa, Rosetta, Fawn, or any of the other citizens of Pixie Hollow, you’re unfortunately out of luck as these fairies have flown back to thier home and seem unlikely to return. 

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There are 36 comments.

Darkwing Duck, all the way.

I still have my photos of Darkwing Duck and the show he did as well.

Both Flik and Louis the alligator were out for pictures during the 2015 Marathon. I have great pictures with both.

The dinosaur was a horrible character. Disney could do much better. No one was even slightly fooled. For a quality meet, take a look at the encounter at Universal Hollywood.

Very sad about Baymax. He could move anywhere and command a long line.

If Disney wanted to add a quick "attraction" to DHS, they could create a character round-up that featured a constant mix of long lost characters. People would line up for hours...without fail.

Actually, very much yes! I would love something like that, kinda like the old pavilions in mickeys toontown.

What about PUSH?

This was also first on my list. I used to take school groups to Disney several times a year. It meant that many times I would be on my own in the parks and I would do a lot of people watching. Seeing PUSH one afternoon was a joy, I had never heard about him before. It was fun to watch the little kids trying to figure it out. I could see him being in all of the parks!

Push the trash can!!!! Loved push, he was great! Wish they had more Push like characters around the parks!

if you want to meet fairies you'll have to come to California for the meet and greet with tinker bell and friends.

The Hunchback stage show at Hollywood Studios was AWESOME!!! It was always packed and excellently done. My daughter and I always looked forward to it, and we were disappointed when it was discontinued.

I would love to meet JoJo and Goliath someday. I used to enjoy watching that show when my niece was younger. It was our together time!

My sons loved the TMNT's. We have great pictures with them at Disney.

Friar Tuck and the other Robin Hood characters

Amen. There are so many wonderful characters that could be brought back. This was another of the great Disney films like Aristocats and Jungle Book that featured the great Phil Harris.

I remember going to Disneyland at the height of the Disney Afternoon and there was a virtual Ducksburg where you could meet Darkwing, Launchpad, the Rescue Rangers, etc... It was so cool, because they were just out and about, not in little "cubicles" with people lined up to see them.

I went to WDW in 2007 and it was so different. Every character was in a specific spot with lines of people. Very disappointing. There are the occasional walking characters, but those are few and far between and candid shots are harder to get now...

Pain & Panic along with Darkwing Duck.

Any 'extra' Disney event is a great opportunity to see old or obscure characters. Amongst umpteen random characters (Country Bear Jamboree bears, Tarzan and Aladdin, Mushu, Pain and Panic, etc) I've also seen Flik, Louis AND Atta during runDisney races. Yes races are expensive and you need to run, but they are the best weekends my family has ever had at Disney, same with nights like Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween party and Very Merry Christmas Party (can also see extra 'hidden' characters)But characters like Dreamfinder are missed not only in the parks for pictures but also in the rides!! Literally have a picture with everyone on this list but the orange bird.

They had power ranger costumes on display in Hollywood Studios in 2011.

Yeah there is the pink and yellow power ranger costume on display in Hollywood studios- feb 2016. Perhaps they just own the costumes and are displaying as props with the other ones they have?

The character I miss the most is roger rabbit what ever happened to them?

Not true about figment either I'm 24 and I have a
Picture with them at I think at age 5-7. I know it's rare!

I miss Flik and Princess Atta the most!!!! I would appreciate it everyone signed my petition to bring them back to Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World!

I miss Mushu! Last time I saw him (many years ago) he was just leaving the picture spot and was never to be seen again. I still keep an eye out hoping he will come back.

I miss Sora. That's more because I'm a gamer than a Disneyphile.

Louis was out as a Meet & Greet during the WDW Marathon this year and Mushu was out for the 5k! I was able to get pics with both. :-)

Louis is out every year for Halloween at Port Orleans, and meets Guests. I don't think you can consider a character gone if he's out annually.

Several of these characters are on the course for the runDisney events. I have Flik and Louis in my race photo collections. During the Donald half marathon 10th anniversary, Darkwing, Scrooge, and LaunchPad were all out. That's really the place to see them now. We also see Venelope and Ralph, and a bunch of the Fab Five in their alternate costumes that are no longer used in parades, etc.

I was at Animal Kingdom last week and saw Flik on two separate occasions, so he's definitely still meeting!

I was at Epcot yesterday and saw Baymax

I went to Epcot on Dec 29 and I got to mete Baymax. He was there all day and he has his own meet & greet area, the room being decorated with things from the movie. His spot is right in front of the character spot with Mickey and his friends

Baymax is at Epcot.

You can see Flix at Disney California in the bugs land, and Louis has been out for the last month, I'm guessing for Martin Gras

Still saw baymax in Epcot in February 2016

Yeah, you're going to want to update this, because Baymax has his own meet and greet in Innoventions.

Baymax meets at Epcot now. but sadly they took away the main character of the movie... Hiro - who does not have suit or technical issues. But you know, let's get rid of the main character that gives you the interaction.


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