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“Drinking around the world” is a popular Epcot game that involves imbibing alcoholic drinks in every country around the World Showcase. While it’s generally safe, harmless fun (provided you use Disney transportation to get back to your hotel!), players are pretty easy to spot. Alcohol does have an effect on everyone, and no matter how hard you tried to hide it, odds are pretty good that you have done at least one thing on this list.

1. Gotten loud

This is often the easiest way to tell that someone has been drinking around the world. For some reason, their volume invariably goes up. I have even overheard groups that seemed to be having a loud argument, only to step a little closer and realize they were just having a loud, drunken good time. This doesn’t do any real harm by itself, but alcohol also lowers inhibitions. If you don’t keep it under control, there’s a good chance you’ll end up telling everyone within earshot a terribly embarrassing story.

2. Spoken obnoxiously

Some people who would never dream of uttering an insult or a curse word while sober begin to sound more and more like sailors as the alcohol starts to flow. Whether you accidentally shouted (see above) a mean comment about another guest’s shoes or cursed out a cast member, it’s pretty likely that you said something obnoxious to or about someone else.

3. Been in the way

When people are drinking heavily, they have a hard enough time staying upright and walking in a reasonably straight line. Throw in large crowds, distracting sights, and lots of noise, and it can be nearly impossible to maintain good pedestrian traffic flow. You might normally be the type of good guest who always steps into a quiet corner to check the map or make FastPass Plus reservations, but if you’ve ever gone drinking around the world, I can almost guarantee that you got in someone’s way. Incidentally, if you don’t remember how you got a scrape or bruise on your leg, it was probably from getting in the way of a stroller or ECV.

4. Tripped over something

Did you know minor injuries like cuts and abrasions are extraordinarily common at the theme parks? People on vacation have a bad habit of getting lost in their surroundings and not paying attention to what is right in front of them. Throw alcohol into the mix, and it’s a sure-fire recipe for banging into things. Curbs and queue rails seem to be the most common, but drunk people have a knack for running headlong into set pieces, thorny bushes, and other guests, as well as tripping over tiny sidewalk cracks and even their own two feet.


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