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The 5 Best and Worst Places to Watch the Wishes Fireworks at Disney's Magic Kingdom

The Worst Viewing Locations

1. The Hub/Main Street USA

The Hub gets crowded

While it made the top of our Best Viewing list due to its prime traditional fireworks view, the area from the Partners statue to the back of Main Street USA is the worst spot in the park for those who don’t want to fight crowds. Even on very slow nights, you will be shoulder-to-shoulder with thousands of your new best friends. On nights with capacity crowds, you will be squished in like a sardine, quite possibly unable to move at all until the crush of people begins to funnel out of the park gates. If you have crowd anxiety but want to see the view, try hovering in a shop doorway or hanging out right by the park exit. It won’t be quite a perfect view, but it will be dramatically less crowded.

2. Frontierland

Frontierland Town Hall

If you can time it just right, the drop on Splash Mountain provides a breathtaking overlook. But most of Frontierland offers so-so viewing at best. You won’t be able to see the castle projections, some of the fireworks will be blocked, and the ones you do see will be very off-center. Avoid this location unless you have a pressing reason to be there and just consider Wishes to be a small bonus.

3. The Monorail

Like Splash Mountain, the monorail can provide a tremendous view if everything aligns just perfectly. But the majority of the time, you’ll end up stopped in a place where you can’t see much or stuck at the station waiting for the monorail to show up. If you happen to catch Wishes from a good place on the tracks, consider it a lucky happenstance, but don’t plan your only viewing opportunity around the monorail schedule.

4. Tomorrowland

Astro Orbiter at Magic Kingdom

The bridge to Tomorrowland is a prime viewing location, especially for those who want a Hub view without the overcrowding. The further into Tomorrowland you go, however, the worse the view gets. The Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station is often mentioned as a great spot, but only a few tables actually have a prime view, and the noise of those around you trying to adjust their chairs to find a better angle can be deafening. Like Frontierland, it is best to avoid Tomorrowland unless you have another reason to be there.

5. Off property

Many local hotels and resorts tout their view of Wishes as a reason to stay there, and it is true that watching the show from your balcony can be fun. But the further away you are, the less spectacular the view will seem, and off-site hotels don’t pipe in the soundtrack. By all means, enjoy the show if you happen to be in your off-site room when it starts, but don’t plan your vacation around it. The TTC boat dock and any of the Magic Kingdom resorts offer free alternatives with a closer view.

What are your favorite and least favorite places to see Wishes? Why do you prefer one location over another? Share your opinions in the comments!

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