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6 Reasons Metal Detectors Should NEVER Be Used at Theme Park Attractions

4. Other heavy objects

Metal detectors are designed to detect, well, metal objects. But I’m pretty sure if someone’s overstuffed non-metal wallet flies out and hits me in the head, I’m still going to be pretty injured. If the concern is safety for other riders and those on the ground, then metal detectors don’t seem to fully address the problem. Yet addressing those other items would require implementing even more invasive security measures. Remember that slippery slope?

5. Queue slowdowns

Halloween Horror Nights Entrance Queue

Anytime you add a new process, you add another potential choke point. The lines to get into Halloween Horror Nights are ridiculously backed up most nights, because everyone is required to go through a  metal detector. But at least there’s a huge entry plaza to hold the crowd. The roller coasters don’t really have a lot of room in front of their entrances, and it is easy to imagine major traffic jams ensuing.

Beyond that, how much is this new process going to add to wait times, and will they be updated to include the time spent standing in the security line? If this sticks around long-term, will there be separate metal detectors for Express? What’s the permanent solution for those in wheelchairs? Will they have a separate line, since they clearly can’t walk through, or will they have to wait in the general line until they reach a split-off point? What about people using other metal mobility devices? Do they get to go through the wheelchair line, if one exists?

6. Non-riders

Another major argument comes from non-riders who like to walk through and take photos or video of the queue. They also double as “stuff holders” for their friends and family members who are riding. Yet these metal detectors are placed at the queue entrances. What harm are the non-riders doing, and why should they be denied the right to enjoy themselves while waiting for their party?

Clearly this is a controversial issue with no easy solutions. What do you think of the new metal detector policy? What if Disney decided to do something similar? What if the policy was extended to include other types of rides? Would your opinion change? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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