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Universal Orlando is well-known for its cutting-edge technology and exciting thrill rides. Many people feel that the park is best suited for teens and adults, with little to offer for families. Yet Universal actually does a great job at creating experiences that are fun for all.

While a day of walking around a theme park is more than enough exercise for many people, others need to burn off some excess energy after standing in lines and sitting through attractions. Our 5 best places to burn off energy are great for kids and adults alike, offering a bonding experience that isn’t always possible when strapped to individual roller coaster seats. Other attractions, however, are better enjoyed when no one in your group is feeling restless.

The Best Places to Burn Off Energy

1. Curious George (Universal Studios)

Curious George Goes to Town

Part of Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone, Curious George is a massive play area that’s surprisingly fun for all ages. Dynamic water features make it a great place to cool off during hot weather, and running around is not only expected but encouraged. If you prefer to stay dry, follow the footprints for a path around the water elements. The best part of this play area, lots of fun for all ages, is the Man in the Big Yellow Hat's Ball Factory. Throw, launch, and blast soft, yellow foam balls at your friends, family, or random strangers. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

2. Fievel’s Playland (Universal Studios)

Fievel's Playland

Themed to the animated film, An American Tail, Fievel’s Playland is packed with equipment to climb, run, and jump through. One of the best features is a twisting 200-foot water slide. For some extra laughs, try pulling the gag I once pulled on my father. I got him completely distracted with conversation as I led him into the line for the water slide, and he somehow never noticed that all the kids in line with us were soaked. The two-man rafts, one person seated in the other’s lap, are designed for a parent and small child, and the two of us were slightly overweight. We bottomed out, creating a much wetter ride for my dad than is normally intended! He sloshed around in soaked jeans for hours, while I came out almost dry.

3. Camp Jurassic (Islands of Adventure)

If you and your family are into dinosaurs, don’t miss this play area, billed as 65 million years of fun. Climbing nets, suspension bridges, and slides of all sizes make this an exciting attraction for everyone. Note that adults wanting to ride the Pteranodon Flyers (a worthwhile adventure if you can pull it off) must be accompanied by a child between 36 and 56 inches tall.

4. If I Ran the Zoo (Islands of Adventure)

This highly interactive play area is a must-see for any fan of Dr. Seuss. Bizarre creatures, a water area, caves to crawl through, and sliding tunnels are just a few of the exciting features here. It’s a terrific place for families to reconnect, teens to burn off some excitement, and adults to relive their childhoods.

5. Jurassic Park Discovery Center (Islands of Adventure)

The Jurassic Park Discovery Center in some ways resembles a sedate museum. But the Discovery Center is actually packed with exhibits and activities designed for family fun. You can watch a baby dinosaur hatch, and maybe even have the opportunity to name it. Throughout the day, scavenger hunts and other events add to the fun. This is a true don’t miss for everyone.


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