Hidden Mickeys - They're Everywhere

If you’ve ever passed through the gates of any Walt Disney World park, you’ve certainly noticed that look of wonder and awe on the face of a first-time visitor. This look can apply to young, old, male, female - no one is truly immune to the magic. For many of us, this reaction isn’t limited to first-time visits. The legion of Walt Disney World obsessed feel the same glorious, inspired emotions and glee even after hundreds of visits! In fact, there’s a core, subculture of park fans who simply cannot let it go upon exiting. Are you among the seriously Walt Disney World obsessed? Which of these signs of obsession apply to you, or someone you know?

1. You seem to have Mickey ears on everything

Disney Home Decor

Walt Disney World guests have a wide selection of mass-produced souvenirs to choose from when looking for that perfect item to commemorate their visit. T-shirts, mouse ear caps, pins, and Vinylmation creations - these are all common items that appeal to the average park guest, but it’s only the beginning of the overall product line. When you tire of the more traditional souvenirs, you can graduate to home decor!

With package delivery shipping services available, there’s nothing stopping you from adding a little more mouse to your house. Functional kitchen accessories and small appliances, respectable art work, and impressive garden enhancements are among some of the items that may not have traveled well in a suitcase. Now that you can have them carefully shipped home, it opens a whole new world of decorative possibilities - and perhaps, a whole new obsession. I’m still working on a tactful way to put mouse ears on my toilets, but Mickey has certainly made his mark everywhere else in my home. There’s just something about taking that Walt Disney World cheer to-go!

2. You have at least one tattoo in tribute to Walt Disney World, or its residents

Mickey Tattoo

If you can overcome a case of Trypanophobia to commemorate your love of Disney, you have a powerful passion, indeed! Trypanophobia is a fear of needles, and as a bonafide Trypanophobe, I can safely say that it takes immeasurable dedication to cross that bridge to permanent memorialization. I’ve seen Cinderella Castle tattoos, countless character likenesses - even autographs from park residents that were traced over to become a lifetime treasure.

The potential pitfall is the inevitable urge to continue inking. After all, it’s hard to choose just one character or design as a forever favorite. Some fans have taken their Disney tattoo collections to levels that many would equate to being mad as a hatter, but Walt Disney World is the type of place that stays with you. To some of us, it seems only natural to keep the mouse close to our hearts.

3. You see no reason why you can’t wear mouse ears everywhere

Mickey Ears

If ever there was a souvenir that signifies a Walt Disney World vacation, it has to be mouse ears! On any given day at the parks, you’ll notice at least half of your fellow guests donning mouse ear caps in tribute to the mouse who started it all. In recent years, there’s been an incredible increase in styles and themes of these adorable adornments, combining a little Mickey with other Disney characters, park themes, and generic, fashionable patterns. Put simply, you could easily wear a pair every day, and probably not duplicate chapeaus all year. With so many colors, designs, and types - some people opt to incorporate this trendy accessory into their daily life, even long after their Walt Disney World vacation has ended. For die-hard Disney fans, the mouse ear cap is the modern-day baseball cap, and wardrobes are planned around them.

4. Your dream is to be a Cast Member

WDW Cast Member

Who needs to be a doctor, lawyer, or rocket scientist when you can be a Walt Disney World Cast Member? You know a Walt Disney World visit has changed your life when you’d gladly trade in four years of college effort to sell turkey legs. When you discover the College Program, you may just realize that your dream can come true, as you have your education and experience too! The Walt Disney World Resort is a wonderful place to gain respectable experience, insight, and work ethic from one of the most powerful companies in the world, but to those of us with a core passion for the parks, it’s rewarding enough to simply be a part of making magic. Besides, what better way to sneak a peek at the infamous Utiladors of the Magic Kingdom?

5. You have relocated to Orlando, just to be closer to Walt Disney World

Sunset From Disney's Boardwalk

A recent CNN report named Orlando as the fourth most popular city to move to in the United States. While warmer climates, beaches, and sunny skies have always lured many to the Sunshine State, Walt Disney World is the most-often cited reason for relocation to Orlando. At first consideration, it seems a little wacky to plan a drastic life event around the whimsical allure of a theme park, but it’s not as crazy as it sounds. For those who truly enjoy the tourism industry overall, there is limitless potential for a profitable, rewarding career in Orlando - with Walt Disney World, or possibly competitive area amusements. With Disney’s annual pass monthly payment options, and Florida resident discounts, you don’t have to be a Cast Member to call the parks your second home. Some of us just like the option of having a Casey’s hot dog within ten mile access, and there’s something empowering about knowing you can always come back tomorrow if a line is too long or crowds are too thick. Even beyond the magical walls of the Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando has undeniable appeal and opportunity!


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