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8 Awesome Details to Check Out at Disney's Art of Animation Resort

4. The lobby sketches

Sebastian Sketch

The walls of the Art of Animation lobby are plastered with giant sketches from the development of the four films highlighted here. One of the best parts of these pictures is seeking out images of beloved characters before they took on their recognizable look. Nemo, Dory, and Sebastian are only rough versions of themselves in these pictures.

Nemo and Dory Sketches

You’ll also spot Ursula when she was cast as a mermaid rather than an octopus, and many Lion King characters with more animalistic faces.

5. Ariel’s Oversize Grotto

Prince Eric Statue

Ariel’s grotto is one of the easiest areas to overlook because it lacks the stunning pools you’ll find with Finding Nemo and Cars. However, this is a really fun place to take a stroll if you’re a fan of The Little Mermaid. As you enter the area, you’ll find it strewn with items from her grotto, including a fork and pipe. These are oversized, making them perfect for fun photos.

The centerpiece of the grotto area is the statue of Prince Eric. He’s correctly scaled to look about the same size as the statue Ariel fawns over in the film. This is the only item on this scale, though. As you’ll see when you head further in, King Triton and Ursula are larger than life, standing as tall as the buildings behind them.

6. Fishy hidden Mickeys

Hidden Mickey

Art of Animation features hidden Mickeys as far as the eye can see. If you’re crafty, you’ll spot them everywhere. Naturally, the problem with many of them is that you can’t be positive if the three circles are a real Mickey, or just your imagination getting carried away. From time to time you’ll spot one so obvious there’s no doubt. This beauty is on the far side of a fish in the Finding Nemo area. You’ll have to step into the mulch to find it, but it’s unmistakable when you do.

7. The Cozy Cone Motel

Radiator Springs Postcard Display

The pool in the Cars area is themed to the Cozy Cone Motel and truly looks like a life size representation of it. Take a moment to peek in the windows for some fun finds. You’ll see themed alarm clocks stacked in a pyramid and a postcard display highlighting all the best sights in Radiator Springs.

8. The sounds of the Big Blue World

Big Blue Pool

If you’re a guest at the Art of Animation, you’ll have access to the resort’s pools. The Big Blue Pool in the Finding Nemo section is by far the most stunning – and most popular – pool on property. The design and atmosphere is fun just to look at, but Disney takes the experience to a whole new level when you’re actually in the pool. Put your head under water and you’ll hear music playing.

Art of Animation is a fun resort to visit whether you stop in for some souvenirs from your favorite movies, or you book a suite and enjoy a stay here. Keep your eyes open here and you’ll find many hidden gems to enjoy.

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