If you succumb easily to carsickness and find that too much motion can leave you queasy for the rest of the afternoon, navigating a theme park safely is no small task. While there are plenty of attractions (shows in particular) that remain perfectly safe, there are also several options that might surprise you with their intensity.

For the purposes of this list, we’ve excluded all major roller coasters. Those five attractions (Expedition Everest, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train) are awfully self-explanatory. If you can’t handle the twists and turns of a roller coaster, don’t ride the roller coasters. Rather, the attractions on this list feature a variety of ride systems that could make you queasy in some surprising ways.

Alternatively, we rounded up the five tamest attractions in the park, so you can still enjoy a moving ride without upsetting your stomach, even after a big meal.

The Best

1. Spaceship Earth, Epcot  

Image: Disney

Spaceship Earth is an iconic attraction that loses absolutely nothing for being slow and steady. You travel through time at a slow and comfortable pace. The most uncomfortable part of the ride is when you move backwards at an angle at the very end. Moving through this last area studded with tiny lights can be a bit disorienting, but it’s easy enough to close your eyes or focus on the screen in front of you until you’re through.

2. Great Movie Ride, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The Great Movie Ride has a large slow-moving vehicle that stays on a completely flat path through the entire ride. The only jolt you can get would happen if your Tour Guide had to hit an E-Stop (emergency stop). This happens only rarely and the slight forward jolt will really only bother you if you’re napping in the back and your forehead happens to bump the seat in front of you. Stay awake for your lively, hard-working Tour Guide and you’ll be fine.

3. Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover, Magic Kingdom

Image: Disney

The TTA PeopleMover takes you on an elevated tram ride around Tomorrowland. This is a great opportunity for you to get a closer look at some of the attractions you may decide to skip to save your stomach. You get a glimpse of Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin from your comfortable padded seat. The breezy tour lasts 10 minutes and stays on a level track at slow speeds.

4. Ellen’s Energy Adventure, Epcot

Dinosaurs and Pterodons

Image: Disney

Ellen’s Energy Adventure puts you on giant slow-moving vehicles that travel back in time to the prehistoric age. You really crawl through this attraction and the track is level, so there are no hills or drops to worry about. Keep in mind that this attraction takes a full 45 minutes, so you’re making a significant commitment when you get on. This is a great option if you want to kill time in a dark air-conditioned environment while the rest of your party waits in line for a more intense attraction.

5. Carousel of Progress, Magic Kingdom

Carousel of Progress

The Carousel of Progress is a 21-minute attraction that takes place in a revolving theater. If it wasn’t for the occasional rotation of the theater, this wouldn’t be a ride at all. It’s as tame as watching a movie. You rotate through four audio-animatronic scenes that take you from the turn of the 20th century through to today.



I have to disagree about Spaceship Earth. The end where you go down backwards makes me very sick. It would be fine if you were reasonably upright, but it lays you nearly flat on your back with little support, and it makes me dizzy.

I have motion sickness so bad, I can't go on the carousel. I even wore a patch (after we got off the DCL) on Space Mountain and I was sicker than a dog afterwards. Big Thunder Mountain also made me very ill. I don't even try Teacups. I have to close my eyes at times on Soarin'.

I used to have problems with nausea on Star Tours all the time but I would just close my eyes until the sensation passed. However, I have never had even a twinge of nausea on the new 3D version. I was expecting it to be worse but happily it way better.

Won't ever ride Mission Space again after being nauseated for three hours. Nope.

I found this very helpful in choosing some rides for my husband whom does have a very weak stomach! Thank you!

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