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Walt Disney World offers two fantastically themed water parks to help you beat the heat during your Florida vacation. Whether you hit one or try two, these parks are a great way to fill out your theme park vacation. With sandy beaches to relax on, wave pools to wade through, and plenty of water slides to enjoy, you’ll have ample attractions to fill a full morning or an entire day. Use these tips to make the most of your time at Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach.

1. Take more sunscreen than you’ll need

Image: Disney

The Florida sun is brutal, even if you’re used to spending a lot of time outside. Take far more sunscreen than you think you’ll need and plan to reapply every two hours. While it may seem glamorous to return from your vacation with a glowing tan, there are few things worse than getting sunburned on vacation. It’s far better to play it safe, particularly at the water parks. You have a lot of skin exposed, and you’re more likely to spend long stretches exposed to the sun here on the beaches or in the pool than you are in theme parks where you’ll go in and out of buildings all day.

Sunscreen is available in the parks, but it’s predictably overpriced. Save your vacation budget by taking plenty of sun protection along and slathering it on with abandon.

2. Don’t lug along floating devices

Image: Disney

Floating devices are great for keeping little ones safe at a water park, but there’s no need to bring one along at Disney. A life jacket or water wings can add a lot of bulk to your bag, and you can save yourself the hassle by simply using the life jackets provided by Disney. The water parks have plenty of floating vests in all sizes so you can keep your kids safe. Best of all, you can take them off and hang them back up while you’re eating lunch or playing on the beach and simply grab another one when you want to head back to the water. No need to carry them along when they’re not in use.

3. Avoid the peak seasons

Image: Disney

The water parks are predictably packed during the height of summer and Spring Break. If you can avoid these seasons, do so. Florida is warm year-round so you can swim in nearly any season. The only down side to visiting over the winter is that you may have only one water park open for you, since these close in turn during the winter months for maintenance. Even with just one park open, however, the crowds are light and the lines are generally short.


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