Muppet Courtyard is a land within a land. Situated near the streets of America, the area has a New York feel to it, but you can tell that something wacky is going around in this space. Keep your eyes open because this one small area is bursting with subtle and not-so-subtle gems that are sure to give Muppet fans a good laugh.

1. The sign board in the entrance

Entrance Signboard

Pause a moment in the entrance to Muppet Vision 3-D and really read the sign board. You’ll find a guide to the many Muppet-led departments in the building. Statler and Waldorf are Curmudgeons in Chief of the Institute of Heckling and Browbeating. Check the location and you’ll see it’s listed as “Box A Mezz” which is right where you’ll find them sitting during the show. The Swedish Chef is the Tippy Top Cookie Guy for the Muppet Kitchens and Pyrotechnic Research. The Department of Poulty and Mold Cultivation is headed by The Great Gonzo, and Kermit heads the Academy of Amphibian Science.

The suite numbers are worth reading on the sign as well. Miss Piggy doesn’t just have a suite, she’s in “Very Suite 4444.” Bean Bunny is “2 Suite 4 U.” There are several more gags on the rest of the directory so make sure you pause and give it a read. Unless a show is about to start, you can afford to take your time getting in the building because you’ll simply wait in the preshow room once you’re inside anyway.

2. The key under the mat

Key Under the Mat

Heading into the Muppet Vision building, you’ll spot a sign that says “Back in 5 minutes.” Keep reading and you’ll see it helpfully lets you know that the key is under the mat.

Back in 5

Lift up the mat on the ground and you really will spot the hidden key. This fun find is particularly amusing to children who like peeking under the rug to see what’s there.

3. The Mickey in the fountain

Mickey in Miss Piggy Fountain

The Miss Piggy fountain outside Muppet Vision 3D is hard to miss, but if you don’t stroll all the way around you might not see the fountain’s own signature hidden Mickey. He’s not a classic Mickey and instead resembles the imposter Mickey that Waldo transforms into during the show, but it’s a fun find nevertheless.

4. The writing on the walls

Swedish Chef Sign

Keep your eye on the exterior walls of the building around Muppet courtyard and you’ll find several fun signs. A hastily painted note over a warehouse door designates the Props Department of Rizzo Rat. The Swedish Chef’s Editing and Catering services are noted on another wall. The jokes in the wording range from subtle to glaringly obvious. See if you can figure out the chuckle in each one.

5. Gift shop signage

Chickens Only Sign

The signs only get wackier when you enter the gift shop. Though your eyes will probably be drawn to the merchandise, don’t miss all the fun extras that adorn the shop. Notices like “No Point Beyond This Point”” and “Chickens Only Beyond This Point” give you a hint as to what you’re getting into. Here you’re fully ensconced in the world of the Muppets and their humorous out-of-the-box thinking is evident everywhere you look.


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