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30 Magical Hidden Secrets at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley

11. The ingredients of a good wand

Ollivanders window

The windows of Diagon Alley’s branch of Ollivanders are packed with details. This includes items such as phoenix feathers, dragon heartstrings and unicorn hairs – all essential items that are used to create wands. Harry Potter and Voldemort’s wands both featured phoenix feathers from the same bird, Hermione’s wand has a dragon heartstring at its core and Ron’s wand is built around unicorn hair.

12. The club pennants

Quidditch Pendants

Take a look at the windows above the Quality Quidditch Supplies store. These feature pennants from the teams seen in the movies, including Puddlemere United, the Chudley Cannons, the Montrose Magpies and the Holyhead Harpies.

13. Not just for show

Leaky Cauldron

The sign on the front of the Leaky Cauldron restaurant actually leaks water.

14. The hidden spells

Not all of the spell locations for the interactive wands that are on sale in Diagon Alley are marked on the map. Two such unmarked spells can be found in the storefront of the Slug and Jiggers Apothecary on Diagon Alley, while another can be found in the right-hand window of Scribbulus Writing Implements on Horizont Alley.

15. Dark magic

The Knockturn Alley section of the spells map must be placed under black light in order to see the spell illustrations. Fortunately, Knockturn Alley itself is filled with black lights.

16. The “magical” wands


The technology behind the interactive wands is actually deceptively simple, and is based on infrared light. Each wand is equipped with a reflective tip, covered by a filter. These reflect infrared light emitted by lights attached to cameras that are pointed at the spell-casting locations, enabling a computer program to track the reflected light and ascertain that the spell has been performed correctly.

17. Haven’t I seen that ad before?

Perfume ad

In Kings Cross Station, you’ll see a perfume advertisement that looks very similar to the one Harry and Professor Dumbledore stand by in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

18. All aboard


You might recognize one passenger who is waiting on the Kings Cross platform – Hedwig, Harry Potter’s owl.

19. Call the Ministry

Phone booth

The traditional red phone booth outside Kings Cross isn’t just for show. If you dial 62442 (MAGIC) using the phone, you’ll be connected to the Ministry of Magic.

20. A tetchy goblin

Gringotts Money Exchange

Try asking the animatronic goblin in the Gringotts Money Exchange if he is a house elf, and see what kind of response you get…

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