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Walt Disney World hosts a unique population of visitors daily. Disney knows this, and has managed to put together a collection of merchandise that offers something for every type of guest.

While the majority of souvenir hunters will inevitably end up with one of hundreds of versions of Mouse Ears, t-shirts, stuffed animals, or princess dresses there are far more unique items that will not only become a treasured keepsake from your one-of-a-kind vacation, but might actually have some practical use when you return home. Your friends and family will have to credit your creativity when you return from your vacation with these eight original must-haves that everyone else doesn’t have.

1.  Disney board games

Disney Themed Board Games

Board games aren’t necessarily a novelty. Chances are, you have Monopoly, Clue, and other multi-generational favorites in a closet of your home already, but it’s also safe to assume that you didn’t pack them up for your Disney vacation. Come to think of it,  can you even readily recall the last time you declared a family game night? It seems like Disney is spreading their pixie dust to new traditional classics every day, and although these games aren’t completely unique to the theme parks, this is one place where you can find them all.

Disney Themed Board Games

Monopoly, Clue, Jenga, and Life are just a few of the family favorites that have blended the Disney brand into their theming. Prices range depending on the game, but they’re comparable to the prices you’d find online and in the big box stores. Board games may not seem to be the most traditional of souvenirs, but what you’re really aiming for here is a priceless, spontaneous memory. At the end of a long day at the parks, you might not always be rushing to the bed. Why not wind down with a family game night in your hotel? With this purchase, you have something to take home, as well as something that enhanced your visit. Find the best selection at World of Disney (Downtown Disney).

2. Journals and picture frames

In this time of digital cameras and social media, we have limitless ways to document every meaningful moment of our lives, including our vacations. Believe it or not, there are still plenty of traditionalists resorting to more “old-fashioned” means of chronicling their most significant events. Don’t discount the value of keeping some of your magical moments a little more personal with picture frames and journals.

Picture Frames

A variety of styles of journals and frames are available - from simple to ornate. Frames can be themed around a specific attraction - perfect for the photo that proves you conquered The Tower of Terror, perhaps? They can also be collage-style, to display a collection of your finest Disney experiences. After all, photo displays shouldn’t be limited to Facebook walls!


Decorative journals are wonderful keepsakes, for any age. Younger guests and teens can end each day with a recap of their personal highlights. It’s never a bad idea to encourage writing! Adults will appreciate the option for real-time documentation, without the temptations of more public oversharing online. You can find journals and frames in just about every gift shop on property.

3. Blankets and tote bags

Purchase With Purchase Items

Many gift shops around the Walt Disney World Resort offer a special “if-then” buy related to throw blankets and tote bags. If you spend a pre-determined amount in the shop, then you have the option to purchase a specified blanket or tote at a discounted price. While this “purchase with purchase” method might not always be the most appealing sales technique, it’s not a bad opportunity for those already spending the minimum amount to qualify.

Disney Blankets and Throws

Blankets and bags are two practical souvenirs, and they will come in handy during your stay, and well beyond. These items are also among the best-made, most durable products available at the parks. The blankets and bags available through the sale, change seasonally, and are only available to purchase though the discount offer (which is typically a small savings from the average prices of comparable items). Of course, there are a vast array of blankets and bags available to buy “no strings attached” as well, and they’re still worthy grabs!

Disney Purses and Totes

4. Mickey Mitts

Mickey Mitts

Everyone has Mickey ears. This may be the capstone souvenir of a Disney vacation, and with good reason - they’re simply an adorable classic. Why not go against the grain just a bit and opt for Mickey Mitts instead?

Stitch Mitts

These clever little accessories still allow you to Mouse-ify yourself, and they become a bit more irresistible every time a Cast Member gives a little wave with one. The mitts will obviously have to come off from time to time - meals are a good example of where they could be viewed as impractical, but on the flip side, they won’t fly off on a roller coaster! Even if you feel compelled to don ears, you can consider the mitts another step toward completing the look. Mitts representing other characters are also available, like the Stitch Mitts shown above.


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