Getting great shots on vacation is something nearly every Disney visitor aspires to.

Whether you’re posting instantly to your favorite social media sites or looking for something special to take home and frame, there are some simple tips and tricks that you can use to get the best pictures possible on your next trip.

1. Wear Your MagicBand

Your MagicBand is good for much more than park admission. Keep it on you at all times and you can reap some surprising benefits. For example, your MagicBand will store ride photos for you as long as you wear it on the attraction. No longer will you have to make a fast decision about whether you really want that picture from Splash Mountain. Wait till you have a neat collection of ride photos and compare them all to make sure you’re really getting the best scream.

Just wear your band as you’re on the attraction and you’ll find your pictures waiting for you when you log in to check out PhotoPass pictures. Speaking of which, you’ll use your MagicBand every time a photographer snaps these for you as well.

2. Know the big PhotoPass spots

The best sights in the parks are nearly always staffed with PhotoPass photographers. You’ll find three or four on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom alone. Stop by and let these talented photographers take your picture in front of icons like the castle, Spaceship Earth and the Tree of Life. In many cases, you’ll find that they have fun props on hand. Sometimes they’ll ask you to do a seemingly strange pose that will later reveal a character in the photograph, like Tinkerbell above your hand or baby Simba cradled in your arms.

These special elements are difficult to recreate on your own and may make it worth the money to buy some of these professional shots. You don’t have to commit to a thing when you have the photographer take your picture, though, so there’s really no reason not to collect a few shots and see how they turn out.

3. Look for bored PhotoPass photographers

Sometimes you’ll see PhotoPass photographers in areas that aren’t prime picture spots. Here, they’re often looking a bit bored without the line that you’ll find in other places. These photographers offer an excellent opportunity to get some quick but professional pictures in. Feel free to make special requests. If you want to get a picture of yourself strolling down the street hand-in-hand with your little ones, go ahead and ask one of these meandering photographers to capture the moment for you. They’re usually happy to oblige and may even have some great suggestions for improving the shot.

You should also ask these photographers where the best spot is for a picture in the area. Though you may not see a big icon around, chances are excellent that the photographer knows of a few picturesque places that you would easily overlook.



Further ideas:

1)Never ever automatically assume that the automatic capture of you ride photos will happen. During my stay in August 2014, on Tower of Terror the new videos they have were captured but not the photos. I assumed the photos were captured, but they were not and now they are lost.

2)Ask the Photo Pass photographer for a "magic photo"; this has a photo shopped element worked into it.

3)Ask a Photo Pass photographer to go with you to where you want your photo taken.

4)No Photo Pass? Ask another guest, or a cast member. I once asked Bert to take my photo with Mary Poppins and then asked Mary Poppins to take my photo with Bert.

5)Ask the character him/herself for assistance. One day the Evil Queen went out of her way to find a cast member to snap our photo.

6)If you write down the number of your ride photo you can collect that photo any time that day at the attractions photo kiosk. I usually save up a list for each attraction.

7)Never go back to he photo pass attraction kiosk at the very end of the day. Never ever try to go to the main photo store at the front of the park at the end of the day. Get these chores done before the final hour the park is open.

8)Families and couples are routinely offered multiple poses and magic photos. Single people usually have to ask for these perks.

9)BE NICE!!!

10)When you see one family member taking a photo of part of the family or a person taking a photo of their spouse/SO, offer to take a group photo for them. This builds wonderful karma for your own photo needs.

11)Buy Memory Maker! I find this is worth every penny. Your download/CD will include all of the photos on your Magic Band as well as any photos on the Magic Bands of your traveling comapnions, if you link their photos in. It includes every ride photo that you put on your Magic Band. If you have ride captures from the Water Parks, you can link the card they give you to your Magic Band. If you have Photo Pass pictures taken in the Water Parks, the photographer can upload these onto your Magic Band, or if he gives you a card, you can link this to your Magic Band.

12)Talking about Water Parks, your Magic Band is safe to wear in the Water Parks.

13)At the Water Parks, watch for Photo Pass photographers in unusual places such as wading in the lazy river attractions.

14)Watch out for characters making appearances in the Water Parks. But you kind of have to be in the right place at the right time. Unlike other Disney Parks, characters in the Water Parks have unannounced random times and locations.

Koadk Picture spots - havent had those in a few years

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