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10 Abandoned Disney Attractions that are "Standing but not Operating"

Rocket Rods

Disney builds its theme park rides and shows to last. However, its parks and attractions are constantly evolving, and that means that inevitably, in time, most rides and shows will either be updated with a new theme and technology, or removed altogether.

Sometimes, though, if an attraction has no direct replacement, it is easier (and more importantly, cheaper) simply to leave it in place, hidden from guests’ view. Scattered around Disney’s various resorts are a surprisingly large number of such abandoned attractions. In some cases, the entire ride system remains in place, leaving fans with hope (however slim) that the attractions could return one day in some form or other.

Let’s take a look at 10 Disney attractions that are currently “standing but not operating”…

10. Rocket Rods (Disneyland)

Rocket Rods

In 1998, Disneyland's Tomorrowland underwent a major overhaul, re-emerging as New Tomorrowland. One of the "casualties" of the project was the former PeopleMover attraction, which had been installed to offer guests an overview of the area. Its moderately-paced vehicles were replaced by the Rocket Rods, a high-speed thrill ride that operated on the same track. After boarding a five-seat Rocket Rod, riders raced around the circuit at a much faster pace than the old PeopleMover vehicles.

Unfortunately, the new attempt to bolt the new attraction onto the existing PeopleMover infrastructure proved to be catastrophic. The unbanked turns weren't suited to high speeds, so the Rocket Rods had to slow down to a crawl on each bend. Tires wore out quickly, and the entire attraction was shuttered in September 2000.

The PeopleMover track remains in place, with many Disneyland fans demanding the ride’s return. Rumors in 2013 pointed to a potential replacement by a Star Wars-themed Speeder Bike attraction, but these should be taken with a pinch of salt. We’ll have to wait and see what eventually becomes of this decades-old attraction.

9. Body Wars at Epcot

Body Wars

The original plan for Epcot include a pavilion dedicated to life and health, but a lack of sponsorship meant that the Wonders of Life Pavilion didn’t make its debut until 1989. One of its headline attraction was Body Wars, a simulator ride through the human blood stream.

The attraction used similar technology to Disneyland’s Star Tours. So similar, in fact, that sponsor MetLife demanded that the opening of Walt Disney World’s clone of Star Tours, at Disney-MGM Studios, be held back until later in 1989 so as not to take attention away from Body Wars.

The ride consisted of four simulators, each able to accommodate up to 40 passengers. The simulators played the role of the Bravo 229 vehicle, which was “shrunk” down from a weight of 26 tons to “less than a drop of water”. During their journey, guests passed through the heart, lungs and various other parts of the body.

In January 2007, the Wonders of Life Pavilion was closed for good, without any explanation from Disney. At the time, rumors suggested that Body Wars would be dismantled and sent to Hong Kong Disneyland. However, as Yesterland notes, there have been no credible reports of the simulators actually being removed. Instead, Body Wars is simply boarded up, tantalisingly out of reach for guests visiting the special events and private events that are still held in the pavilion.

8. Cranium Command at Epcot

Image: Disney

The Wonders of Life Pavilion’s other major attraction was Cranium Command. This saw guests becoming “Cranium Commandos” and being sent on a mission into the human brain. It starred Buzzy, a tiny little soldier, who had been tasked with keeping a twelve-year-old boy out of trouble by entering his cranium.

After a pre-show briefing, guests entered the theatre, which was designed to represent the inside of a human head. The outside world was seen through a pair of screens designed to mimic the eyes. Buzzy himself led the mission, in audio-animatronic form.

Like Body Wars, Cranium Command is believed to have been left largely intact following the pavilion’s closure.

7. Making of Me at Epcot

Making of Me

Martin Short has made a habit of appearing in shows at Disney theme parks, starring in both O Canada! in Epcot’s Canada Pavilion and in the wonderful (and often overlooked) CinéMagique at Walt Disney Studios Paris.

Prior to both of those, Short also starred in The Making of Me, a show that formed part of the Wonders of Life Pavilion’s line-up. This was shown from 1989 until the pavilion closed, and focused on conception and birth (something of a departure for Disney).

Although the film is no longer shown, the theatre has been reused to show food-focused films during Epcot’s annual International Food & Wine Festival – so the attraction is still essentially in place.

6. Mark Twain Riverboat at Disneyland Paris

Image: Michael Plasmeier , Wikimedia (license)

During a recent visit to Disneyland Paris, we were surprised to spot the Mark Twain Riverboat floating forlornly in Frontierland’s Rivers of the Far West. Even more surprising was the state of the boat, which looked virtually derelict. In places, parts of the boat’s wooden structure appeared to have detached altogether and fallen into the murky waters. All of this in full view of guests riding on the Disneyland Railroad.

The boat is based on Disneyland’s original Mark Twain sternwheeler. It is one of two vessels, alongside the Molly Brown, that serve the Thunder Mesa Riverboats attraction, taking guests on a scenic journey around Frontierland.

The Mark Twain hasn’t operated since 2011, and has spent most of that time sitting in dry dock. However, it was moved out recently into the Rivers of the Far West to enable the Molly Brown to undergo refurbishment. That has led to a serious deterioration in its condition.

Will the Mark Twain ever return to service? The chances seem a lot better of the boat being restored now that Disney has offered a financial lifeline to Disneyland Paris.

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There are 32 comments.

I really can't comment on any parks other than those in Florida, since that is where I frequent every summer. The biggest shame is that the Wonders of Life pavilion has been sitting there for years now with nothing being done with it. Using it for "special events" is unacceptable for such a huge building/space. I completely understand that Body Wars was definitely out of date, and the rest of the attractions in the pavilion were pretty much out of date as well. But to do nothing with that space and have no plans to do nothing.. crap! I absolutely love Disney and I will continue to vacation there every year because I have SO much fun there. They need to step it up. It's like trading a goalie in hockey or a QB in football. You don't trade them just to trade them, you trade them because you think you can get somebody better. So, you don't close an attraction unless you have plans to make it better or put something in its place. (yes, I know a valid argument can be made against that as well)

i agree! but body wars was one of my favorite rides before it closed, better than Star Wars IMO. why do you think it was outdated? i can remember being scared but delighted riding it at 8 years old lol. but it's a major waste of space. epcot needs that pavilion to be in use, needs the extra attractions.

I know the stage and animatronics from food rocks are gone. There were ebay auctions years ago for all the individual pieces. I was bidding on it.

As for cranium command. Everything is still intact and buzzy is still there. If you dig deep enough there are pictures on the web. Also it looks as tho the buzzy animatronic has been refurbished lately for some reason.

And I heard but havent seen that the simulators for body wars were used for parts to keep star wars up and running before the update. So doubt they will ever be used again.

Thanks Eric.

The stage has been taken over by the new larger women's restrooms by the Soarin entrance.

I can't say hiw, but I know for a fact that the simulators for Body Wars are completely removed from their bays. The bays are now used for storage.

Pixar's new film Inside Out is very similar in concept to Cranium Command. Maybe they intend to make an attraction based on that film.

Eric is correct about Body Wars. The Simulators were dismantled and removed several years ago. That area is now used as storage for many of Epcot's special events props and other miscellaneous items.

There's one more, it was a motorboat cruise in Disneyland in the Tomorrowland/fantasyland area next to the Matterhorn and autopia. The track, loading dock (converted into seating area) and canals are all there, though the greenery has overgrown the passages into the scenic river ride.

A huge amount of the old Motorboat Cruise track and waterway was removed completely during construction of Finding Benji Submarine Voyage, including the area that passed below the old Fantasyland Autopoia. Only a very limited part of the old waterway is still intact.

My friend Adam thewoo has done videos on alot of the abandoned stuff in Disney. He is trespassed now but their is some nice exploring in epcot and river country. Which was closed because florida stopped water attractions from using lake water because of amoeba scares .

i love Adam the Woo! His videos are quite entertaining. His Oz and River Country are my faves. I live in the Disney area, so it's cool to discover his unlocked treasures.

As a longtime annual passholder to Disneyland I wish they would bring back the People Movers. Such a great ride to get out of crowds for awhile!

I agree Sherri. It was a nice way to relax from all of the hustle and bustle. A great way to rest the tired feet too.


I can personally attest to the comment that Body Wars was dismantled. We use the space that used to house the simulators for storage/assembly for at least the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot. (I say at least because I cannot speak for what they do the other 10 months of the year that the festival isn't running.) I actually got to explore around that facility. If yall would like to know what it's like down there let me know. Thanks for reading.

Please do tell more, I used to love the wonders of life area when I was a kid! Is there any truth to the room er about them finally doing something with cranium command?

the Swan Boats in Magic Kingdom at Disney World.

Body Wars is no more. The simulators were torn for parts and sent over to Star Tours. The flight bays are completely empty now.

I loved Cranium Command and The Making of Me. I never knew about the 'rocketrods' taking over the people mover track at DL..must not have gone during those two years it was operating. I love the People Mover and always ride it at WDW. Bring em all back!!!!

I'm a former Epcot cast member myself and Body Wars is not physically there anymore.
Only a couple of signs and the old stand-by places are still at the Wonders of Life pavilion.
It's said that the engine was moved to DHS for the newest version of Star Tours, but I'm not sure.

Body Wars is completely gone. Nothing more than a giant, empty space. I was in there a few months ago. Also, Cranium Command is still mostly there.

What about the Swan Boats from Magic Kingdom? The rails they ran on still remain in the waterways outside toamorrowland and adventure land and of course the loading area which is now used as a smoking area over by tomorrow land.

They took those rails out when they drained the water way to do the renovation last year.

Actually the rails for the swan boat are no longer there. Recent updates have been in place for sometime now. Its been several years wince the rails have been removed. Also what use to be the swan boat ride. Is now being redone so the fast pass area for wishes is bigger and more of a picnic area during the day. I truly miss the boat ride. It was an E ticket ride way back in the day. I'm an annual pass holder and cast member. My family frequent the parks every week on Saturday and Sunday. Even though there have been some changes to the parks over the years. The updates have been for the better to help our guests have a better expererince.

After 20+ years of doing night clubs in downtown Disney in Orlando they abandoned that for adults also.

Just returned from 2 weeks at Disney Orlando there is a people mover on the upper level of tomorrow land which moves slowly round the whole area of the park.

Yes, but if you read the post, it clearly "Disneyland." That Peoplemover is no more, not the one at Walt Disney World!

Fun Fact!!! If you look closely at the lamps in front of Animal Kingdom, by the parking lot shuttle, you can see that there is a line of animals carved into the metal surrounding the actual lightbulb. In that line of animals is a dragon. The lamps were made in the early stages on the development of Animal Kingdom and the dragons in the lamps are the only remaining part of the never realized beastly kingdom.

The DAK logo has a dragon...

The Mark Twain at DLP is working and has been for well over 2 years

There used to be a cable car ride at WDW Magic Kingdom. I never got to ride it but I know it was there in 1997 b/c my husband was going to propose to me on it, but the weather that night was very windy & I chickened out. He ended up proposing the next night at EPCOT on the Mexican Pavilion ride that has since been updated to become the Three Caballeros (sp?) ride. The next time we went to WDW MK, a few years later, the cable car was gone.


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