If you're a Disney lover, at some point in your life, you've probably thought about just packing up and heading to Orlando on your own. Maybe work was getting you down, maybe you had a long weekend and nothing to do with it – whatever the case, you probably thought to yourself, “You know what? I'm just gonna go to Disney World.”

Then, maybe, you realized that other people aren't quite as free-spirited and impulsive and, exercising your better judgement, you opted to stay behind and put that day-dreamed spontaneous trip to rest. “It's not as fun going alone,” you might think. “What on earth would I even do there by myself?”

Plenty. Come on. It is my belief that not having anyone to drag along is not a good enough reason to deny yourself a trip to the vacation kingdom. Life is meant for living, happiness is something worth seeking, and, ultimately, being alone means you've got one less person to try and wrangle a Fastpass+ reservation for.

Now, naturally, there are some things at Disney World that are best left to couples and families, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of activities for solo travelers to enjoy. In fact, visiting on your own gives you something that, in many ways, is even better – time to explore.

Here are just a few attractions that solo travelers will love, not just because they're fun, but because they reward those who are moving at their own pace.

6. Walt Disney World Railroad

If you're traveling with a group or in a family without a train-obsessed child, it's unlikely you'll find your way onto the Walt Disney World Railroad during your time at the Magic Kingdom. And, even if you do, you're probably just using it as a shortcut from one part of the park to another. But, since you're on you're own, why not take a moment to appreciate a truly classic Disney attraction – one that celebrates not just its own proud history, but also one of the greatest passions of Walt Disney, himself.

Walt loved trains, and prior to his construction of Disneyland in 1955, he built his own miniature railroad in his backyard. He was so enamored with it that he made sure to include a railroad as one of the defining features of his iconic Anaheim theme park.

The train was such an important part of Disneyland's aesthetic that Imagineers recreated it for Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in 1971. They tracked down four locomotives – all built in the 1920s and 10s – and installed them in a circuit around the park, including stops at Main Street USA and Frontierland. In 1989, they added a stop in the then-Mickey's Birthdayland (now part of New Fantasyland).

The complete circuit is full of beautiful scenery, unique set pieces, and unusual views of the park, including a special peek inside the riverboat finale of Splash Mountain. Ultimately, it provides a different way of experiencing the Magic Kingdom – one that rewards guests for taking the time to experience it in whole and with an eye for detail.

5. Swiss Family Treehouse

Speaking of detail, the Swiss Family Treehouse is unparalleled in that regard. An opening day attraction at Walt Disney World, the Treehouse is particularly good for solo travelers because of the depth of scenery it provides. Plus, it's self-guided walking tour style is perfect for guests moving to the beat of their own drum.

The attraction recreates the fictional treehouse home from the book and film Swiss Family Robinson, and the attention to detail is truly extraordinary. The various rooms of the Treehouse are completely furnished with a combination of materials native to a shipwreck as well as things one might find on a deserted island. The result of that careful design is a fully realized home that seems lived in and real.

The benefit of seeing it alone is that you can take your time to really study the portions of the Treehouse you find most interesting, but no matter the size of your party, it's always fun picking out where you'd like to stay if you could call the Treehouse your own.

4. Mission: Space

Image: Disney

The main caveat here is that Mission: Space is a very intense attraction – one that many guests simply find too intimidating. However, if you're the kind of person who loves motion simulators or who has always wanted to be an astronaut, Mission: Space can give a solo traveler one of the more unique experiences possible in a theme park.

If you've ridden the ride before, you'll know that guests are divided into groups of four, with each guest being given a task they must complete during the ride. Now, these tasks aren't incredibly important – the ride still functions either way – but being given individual responsibilities does something special to a group: it makes them a team.

After all, the power of teamwork is one of the overarching themes of Mission: Space, and what is a team if not a collection of individuals working toward a common goal? Does it matter if you showed up in the queue on your own? No, it doesn't – you're just as integral to the mission's success as the rest of your party.

But while there is a palpable sense of team unity for those teams of four – even among strangers – the attraction itself is actually something of a solitary experience. The ride vehicle is designed in such a way that it's difficult (and nearly impossible) to see any of your teammates. You're mostly just experiencing this space launch on your own – but you have the backup of your “highly trained” cohorts. It really is a perfect attraction for a solo traveler in that it provides the right balance of social contact and independent enjoyment -- plus a fully-themed environment to explore.



This is why i get so upset when people say Animal Kingdom is only a half day park!!!!!!

Have to disagree on the Swiss Family Treehouse. That lame attraction is just taking up space and has no real entertainment value. It's based on an old film that you really never hear anyone talk about anymore. It just needs to go. And really, until Avatar-land is completed in AK, the park itself WILL only be a half-day park at most. I'm sorry, but they don't have enough there to keep me in it for an entire day when I can see the best stuff all in a few hours in the morning.

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