Fever Fudge

It’s no surprise that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Diagon Alley is packed with delicious treats worth a taste - after all, that's where Universal Orlando makes a lot of its money.

From the new Leaky Cauldron restaurant, to the towers of treats in Weasleys Wizard Wheezes, there’s something delectable to enjoy around almost every corner. Don’t miss out on these delicious picks.

1. Butterbeer Ice Cream

Florean Fortesque's Ice Cream Parlour

This will come as no surprise, as the new butterbeer ice cream option is one of the most talked-about items on the menu in Diagon Alley. Head to Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour for this sweet treat. If you’re not in the mood for butterbeer, don’t fret. This ice cream parlour serves a truly original menu of flavors. Soft serve ice creams, like the butterbeer, are actually vanilla ice cream with a swirl of colored flavor blended in. Hard pack ice cream comes two scoops to the cone so you can blend your flavors for a diverse sampling.

Some other delicious soft serve options include granny smith, pistachio, and orange marmalade. The hard pack ice cream is available in chocolate chili, apple crumble, clotted cream, Earl Grey & lavender, sticky toffee pudding, strawberry & peanut butter, and more.

2. The Ploughman’s Platter

Ploughman's Platter

If you’re not sure what you’re in the mood for in the Leaky Cauldron, the Ploughman’s Platter is the perfect choice. This light lunch is meant to serve two, but if you’re really hungry you may want to order a second dish to split as well. The platter makes an excellent first course or small meal (to be followed by ice cream perhaps?) but between two it may not sustain you for a long afternoon.

What’s great about this platter is that it gives you the opportunity to try several new flavors rather than just one or two, as with the other items on the menu. The Ploughman’s Platter includes scotch eggs, horseradish dipping sauce, apple beet salad, Branson pickle relish, salad in a tangy vinaigrette, cornichon pickles, tomatoes, three English cheeses, and two hunks of bread. With so much to try, this is an obvious choice for diners who like to sample new flavors.

3.  A Skiving Snackbox

Skiving Snackbox

If you’re enamored with the magical candy available in Weasleys Wizard Wheezes, a Skiving Snackbox offers a great way to try them all. This box includes Fainting Fancies, Fever Fudge, Nosebleed Nougat, and Puking Pastilles. Fortunately, these enchanted treats don’t seem to have the same effect on muggles as they do on wizards, as there have been no reports of fainting, bleeding, vomiting, or feverish guests gathered around the joke shop.

These treats and many others are also available for purchase separately, so you can stock up on one particular treat if you have a favorite type of magical candy.



Love the comment for #2 - Ploughman's......

"With so much to try, this is an obvious choice for diners who like to sample new flavours"..... well unless you're like, you know, English.

Seriously, half the pubs in England serve a Ploughman's :-)

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