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4 Reasons Why You'll NEVER Stay in Disney's Most Incredible Hotel Room

2. You're not famous enough

Kevin Jonas There is another method. Get really, reallyfamous. Kevin and Danielle Jonas were handed the keys to the suite for their first anniversary, and Tom Cruise has also stayed there. So, all you need to do is achieve super-stardom, and the Cinderella Castle Suite is all yours!

1. Demand outstrips supply

Castle suite fireplace

© Disney 

Even if Disney did ever offer up the Cinderella Castle Suite on its booking system, can you imagine the price point, or the competition to making a booking? It would make finding a table at Be Our Guest look like a walk in the park...

But still...

Castle beds

© Disney 

Despite the challenges above, we can't help dreaming of one day staying in the Cinderella Castle Suite. So, keep an eye out for future opportunities to win a stay...and good luck!

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There are 5 comments.

My mother has been in there, it is wicked!

i have been to Disney World about 30 times and love it more every time I go. To have the honor of staying in this suite would be like having stars of heaven touch my finger tips!

We have been there 93 times. Never got an invitation from Disney thanking us with a Cinderella stay.

I Always Thought, It's Not Just For Famous People, It's Only For Rich. IM Dieing. I have Gone To Disneyland Many Times. When I Hear This News, I Just Resent The Park. It Looks Ugly, It Makes The Park The Same As Everyone Else. mail.comi

Dreamy! I would love this to be on my life's best memories.


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