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At the end of a long day at Walt Disney World, you’re often left with aching feet, sweaty clothes, and a limited reservoir of patience. If you’re looking for manageable lines and great last-minute rides on your way out of the park, try these attractions.

1. The Magic Kingdom: Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion is a great pick at the end of the night for several reasons. This attraction often has a shorter wait time late at night. Even if you do have a moderate wait, Haunted Mansion has an excellent interactive queue that will keep you entertained for at least a portion of the wait. Finally, this a must-see after dark for some very special effects. You’ll experience lightning and thunder that you don’t see during the day, and may even catch a glimpse of a ghostly figure walking through the greenhouse.

2. The Magic Kingdom: Splash Mountain

Splash MountainSplash Mountain

The appeal of Splash Mountain's cool spray diminishes greatly once the hot peak of the day has passed, so you can often enjoy a relative walk-on after dark. Wear a poncho if you’re worried about getting wet, but keep in mind that this ride won’t drench you quite as much as a ride like Kali River Rapids. Another great perk of riding Splash Mountain at night is the unparalleled view of Cinderella Castle glowing against the dark sky, that you’ll enjoy at the top of the big drop. Keep your eyes on the castle as you go down, instead of the briar patch, and you’ll experience this particular part of the ride in a whole new way.

3. Magic Kingdom: Pirates of the Caribbean

The line for Pirates of the Caribbean dwindles significantly at night. This is a classic attraction that’s worth fitting into your day if at all possible, so consider making this one of your last stops if you’re in the area. You’re sure to head home whistling a very iconic tune.

4. Magic Kingdom: Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise is another Adventureland attraction that you can get on quickly late at night. Even a moderate wait is worth it, however, for the chance to take the cruise after dark. Since this is an outdoor attraction, you’ll find that things take on a whole new light once the sun goes down.

5. Magic Kingdom: Mickey Mouse in the Town Square Theater

The Mickey Mouse meet and greet is one of the last things you’ll pass on your way out of the Magic Kingdom. Keep in mind, however, that the hours for Mickey can vary and may end a bit before the park closes. If you’re not staying through the very last minute of park operation and Mickey’s still in when you walk by, this is a great time to stop in and say goodbye. Getting a photo with the mouse himself is a fun way to close your day, and an easy last-minute stop on Main Street, just before you head out of the park.



These are great suggestions but most of these you can walk on consecutively like Splash Mountain..you can ride it get off of it and then within 10 minutes..be right back on. Big Thunder Mountain also has shorter wait times late at night usually 15-30 minutes.

This is one of the reason I enjoy going to MNSSHP. The wait time to low since must people visited the park during the day.

So basically, ride everything last at the end of the night and you'll be good...I really find most of TPT's articles entertaining and informative, but this one is kinda silly.

For Magic Kingdom you forgot Enchanted Tiki Room, Country Bear Jamboree, Hall of Presidents, and Carousel of Progress--no. line. ever. and air conditioned.

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And they are my fav attractions in the MK

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