It's a fairly well-known fact that the theme parks at Walt Disney World are at their most crowded during the middle of the day. The early morning hours may bring early risers and the late evening sends them to bed leaving only night owls, but in the middle of the day, the parks face the onslaught of both types of vacationers. Everyone is up and at the parks, and big name rides see their absolute longest waits.

So where do you go when Splash Mountain has an hour-long queue or Test Track is posting 90 minutes? These attractions offer some surprisingly short wait times, even at the peak of the day, making them a smart choice when you’re hot, tired, and looking for something to do.

1. The Enchanted Tiki Room

This whimsical 11 minute show runs continuously, which means that even if you miss a show by only a few seconds, you'll be under a shaded area before you know it and inside an air conditioned theater within 15 minutes. Even if you hit the queue just as the doors close ahead of you, your wait time will only be a few minutes longer than the duration of the show itself. Compare this to rides like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad where you can wait an hour for a thrill that’s over in three minutes, and you can see why this attraction offers great value for the wait.

Sure, the Enchanted Tiki Room is far from being a thrill ride, but this timeless classic offers a whimsical musical break in the hot afternoon, and has absolutely no height restriction so everyone can join in the fun.

2. The Liberty Square Riverboat

Running at the top and bottom of every hour, the riverboat is a great choice for something to do while you wait for your Fastpass+ time to roll around. The 20 minute trip and large capacity make it easy to get on when you need to. Like the Enchanted Tiki Room, this attraction has a surprisingly long duration for its minimal wait. Time your visit right and you can typically walk right on. If you do have to wait a bit for the next trip, there are covered benches at the landing.

3. The TTA People Mover

Offering a non-stop circular tour of Tomorrowland, even a seemingly long line for the people mover will disappear quickly. This attraction is what’s known as an omni-mover, meaning quite simply that the ride track never stops, so guests are continually boarding and the line almost never slows to a standstill. The smooth tour of Tomorrowland lasts about 10 minutes. The seats are comfortable, many of the tunnels are air conditioned, and everyone can ride.

4. The Carousel of Progress

Carousel of Progress

Image: Disney

The Carousel of Progress is a classic Disney attraction that every fan should see at least once. The rotating theater offers a show that lasts over 20 minutes, so you’ll have plenty of time to kick back, cool down, and even take a nap. You don’t have to wait the full 20 minutes to get on, though, as there’s a separate theater for each scene. This attraction rarely has a line.



Tom Sawyer's Island is a great place to escape the crowds!

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