If you’ve spent much time in Disney theme parks, you’ve probably noticed a few trends in the types of guests you encounter there. A seasoned Cast Member can often spot these characteristics from a mile away, but you too can play the game of “Name that Tourist.”

While these profiles may offer a somewhat flamboyant example of each character, you’ll find them roaming the parks in varying degrees. See how many you spot the next time you’re there.

1. The Crazy Pin Trader

Image via Flickr by Sam Howzit

Distinguishing Characteristics: A vest, bag, and hat liberally covered in pins. Lanyards are for rookies.

Favorite Saying: “Can I see your pins?”

Most Common Activities: Browsing pin stores, eyeing up Cast Member lanyards, and shooting superior looks to less seasoned traders

Pin trading is a popular activity for guests of all ages, but Crazy Pin Trader takes it to a whole new level with elaborate outfits heavily weighed down with these treasures. And you can bet he’s only wearing a small portion of his stash. Crazy Pin Trader seems imposing with all that metal, but he’s really harmless. If you want to know more about these collectibles, go ahead and engage him, but if you’re not interested in hearing the story behind how he scored that rare specimen, avoid eye contact.

2. The Confused First-Timer

Distinguishing Characteristics: Brand new shoes and lost expression. Watch out, this guest makes frequent unexpected U-turns.

Favorite Saying: Anything that includes totally butchered names of popular attractions. He’s always looking for the “Haunted House,” “Mitterhorn,” “New Frontierland,” the “President’s Hall of Fame,” and the “Jungle Safari.”

Most Common Activities: Looking desperately for attractions that are in other areas of the park – or other parks entirely.

There’s no shame in being new, so tread gently with these poor confused guests. The good news is that you’re unlikely to become one of them by the sheer fact that you’re reading this blog. Not all first-timers are confused, and many go in armed to the teeth with everything they need to know for a stellar vacation. It’s the guests who don’t bother to prepare, and show up at Magic Kingdom looking for Disneyland who can have a troublesome time.

3. The Entitled Annual Passholder

Distinguishing Characteristics: Overwhelming air of superiority, Passholder slider on his Magic Band

Favorite Saying: “But I’m a passholder.”

Most Common Activities: Carefully critiquing all aspects of the park’s presentation and Cast Member decorum. Offering ample unsolicited advice to parties around them.

Undoubtedly, there are many guests with annual passes who go about their day quietly, but the Entitled Annual Passholder is an entirely different creature. This guest knows he spent a fortune on that pass and is absolutely determined both to squeeze every penny out of it, and to let everyone else know what he’s doing. He expects preferential treatment above and beyond the norm, and is quick to spot anything out of place. Don’t be surprised to hear all about how the yeti on Everest is nothing like he was during the preview, or to get a complete rundown of the best menu items at every restaurant – even though you never asked.



This list is pretty good, but as at least partial harried parent, I feel I much more frequently have to use the phrase "GET DOWN!" lol

Used to work at the Plaza Inn. Some us called them Passholes because of how entitled they acted.

I swear, all of this is 20x worse when you run into a person who is more than one of these

I hate the phrase "I am an annual passholder". Crazy pin people made me stop pin trading after being cursed at for not having a lanyard on or not having fresh pins. I want my green 12 and under lanyard back so no pin trading for me. Annual Passholders/crazy pin people are my biggest problems as a cast member both think there entitled to something. Day guest normally the one who are nice unless it EMH.

As a passholder, I dont feel entitled. Just a super fan of the parks and all things Disney! If I hear someone wondering how to get somewhere, I jump in and help. Gotta wear the gear! Shirt, pins and hat. :) Oh, and I always have a silly grin on my face, knowing I can come to my happy place any time I wish :) oops theres the smile again!

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