It wasn’t too long ago that a theme park attraction was lifeless without Audio-Animatronics. In fact, the number and complexity of these robotic animated figures was often proportional to a ride’s budget and success! Put simply: if you wanted to blow audiences away, animatronics figures were the way to do it.

Let’s face it: we’re now firmly inside the Digital Age. Rides like The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man redefined what headlining attractions could be, capturing all the force, thrill, story, and character interactions of old time classics without a single animatronics figure! It was revolutionary, as proven by the fact that modern headlining attractions like Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts, Transformers: The Ride, Ratatouille, and Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts are wildly successful, richly-storied, and smart attractions – with no animatronics needed!

Even if there are more and more exceptions every day, it still seems that animatronics can be pretty securely tied to an attraction’s appeal. Here, we’ve collected twenty-five of the world’s most mind-blowing animatronics casts and figures. Each figure also has a YouTube link where we've fast-forwarded to the animatronics' starring moment for you. Obviously those videos (and our list) contain some spoilers for big moments and surprising figures! How many of our twenty-five have you encountered?

25. The Enchanted Tiki Birds

Image: Disney

Debut: The Enchanted Tiki Room (1963)
Location: Disneyland Park
Video: The Enchanted Fountain and Birdmobile

The best place to start is the beginning, and in terms of Disney’s Audio-Animatronics figures, that can only be the Modern Marvel: Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room. This Adventureland classic is a musical, tropical serenade populated by 150 birds, Tiki gods, and singing flowers. Unthinkably life-like for their time (and still pretty darn convincing today), the Tiki Birds and their enchanted companions were the world’s first Audio-Animatronics, where each figure is individually programmed and synchronized to sound recordings. And in the Tiki Room’s case, that means a whole cast of birds that turn, blink, and even “breathe” while singing in harmony.

Because the technology that powered the Tiki Room was so inconcievable to audiences of the 1960s, a single bird was originally perched at the entrance to Adventureland as a "tease" of what awaited within, spieling to attract guests into the show like a barker at old-time carnivals. One of the rare Audio-Animatronics outside of rides, this macaw didn't make it long... Guests were so entranced by the breathtaking "barker bird," enormous crowds would gather around it, clogging the entrance to Adventureland!

24. The Dragon

Image: Disney

Debut: La Tanière du Dragon (1992)
Location: Disneyland Paris
Video: Waking the Dragon

Located in a forgotten dungeon grotto below the park's castle, Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant, La Tanière du Dragon (The Dragon's Den) is one of the most spectacular "hidden gems" at any Disney Park. The walkthrough attraction allows guests to descend into the dungeon where a long-forgotten dragon is still chained up. Seemingly soundly asleep, the dragon stirs every few moments, twitching its claws in the stagnant water of the grotto or shifting and rattling its chains.

Once in a while, the dragon unexpectedly awakens, its pupils narrowing. When it spots visitors, a guttural, booming growl emanates from its throat... its mouth begins to smoke as if preparing to barbecue onlookers...! But, seemingly remembering that it's chained up, the dragon relents and puts it head back on the ground, frustrated. The Audio Animatronic is easily one of Disney's most impressive and it's surprisingly complex, with the most minute motions in its seamless and fluid movement.  

23. Pirates & Wenches

Image: Disney

Debut: Pirates of the Caribbean (1967)
Location: Disneyland Park
Video: Inside the Fortress 

Often cited as Walt's own magnum opus, Pirates of the Caribbean was the last major project in whose design and creation Walt Disney himself had final say. Disneyland's definitive version – clocking in at 16 minutes – is a masterwork of themed design with a scale to beat any attraction since. Part of its impressive place in Disney Parks history is thanks to its cast of 119 Audio-Animatronics (many being human lookalikes) that literally give life to the astounding, scenic ride.

Perhaps worth noting: the piratical cast has also had its share of controversial swaps. Equally intrusive to fans are the addition of characters from the long-running (and long-in-the-tooth) Pirates of the Caribbean film series, and the ongoing edits made to the ride's Audio-Animatronics in the name of political correctness. The latter – done via piecemeal changes over the last several decades – culminated in 2018 with a "reimagining" of the iconic auction scene, sending the beloved Redhead to our list of Lost Disney Parks Characters.

22. T. Rex

Image: Universal

Debut: Jurassic Park: The Ride (1996)
Location: Universal Studios Hollywood
Video: It's in the Building!

We'll stay in the "gigantic reptile" category. Universal gambled big when they designed and constructed Jurassic Park: The Ride while the Jurassic Park movie was still in production. In this case, a big gamble was met with a big reward… and an even bigger animatronic. When a playful hadrosaur knocks your tour boat off course and into the dark Environmental Systems Building, all hell breaks loose. Over the radio, a Jurassic Park employee screams, “If you can hear my voice, get out of there! It’s in the building!”

Meanwhile, a pleasant pre-recorded safety spiel warns, “Toxic gases are present. Life support systems will terminate in… 10… 9… 8…” Of course, something is about to happen… something big! Ahead of the boat, a waterfall parts revealing a massive T. Rex that lurches forward, throws its head back and roars, then lowers its massive jaws to within inches of your boat just as it hits a nearly vertical 85-foot drop. A brief but stunning encounter with one of the most intimidating animatronics ever created. Let’s see a movie screen do that!

21. Maleficent

Debut: Fantasmic
Location: Disneyland Park
Video: "This is my dream..."

Since its debut in 1992, Fantasmic has become a signature, iconic experience at Disneyland, and a must-see, stand-out reason to stay at the park till after dark. The 25-minute spectacle transforms the Rivers of America into the abtract and ambiguous realm of Mickey's imagination, following his somewhat-plotless revelation that in his dreams, he can control light, water, music, and more. Of course, when the Villains invade, they set out to turn Mickey's dream into a nightmare, lead by the Mistress of Evil herself, Maleficent.

Determined to show Mickey the powers of her own imagination, Maleficent transforms herself into a five-story Audio-Animatronic dragon, who promptly sets the water ablaze with a stream of fire from her mouth. The figure cackles as the river burns, then lowers herself to glare face-to-face with the Mouse himself. "You may think you're so powerful," Mickey laughs, "but this is my dream." With a burst of his sizzling gold magic, Maleficent rears back, spewing fire and crackling with green electricity before vanishing into the night.

This figure doesn't just list among our most impressive Animatronics; it also ranks among our most infamous. The debut of the advanced figure in 2009 (replacing a more simple puppet still in use in the Walt Disney World version of the show) was delayed by months and months. When she finally did make it to the stage, something went wrong almost every night, culminating in the figure's collapse during a show – a must-read tale told in our 10 Infamous Animatronic Malfunctions feature... 

20. Sinbad's Storybook Cast

Image: Disney

Debut: Sinbad's Seven Voyages (2001)
Location: Tokyo DisneySea (exclusive) 
Video: Setting Sail!

Maleficent may be an impressive and astounding animatronic, but Disney Legend and storied Imagineer Bob Gurr said, "The larger a creature is, the more space there is inside. It's actually easier to design something that's 30 feet tall than, say, 3 feet tall." Which is exactly what makes the cast of Sinbad's Storybook Voyage so phenomenal and hypnotic to watch...

It's impossible to escape any mention of Disney "bests" without the inclusion of Tokyo DisneySea – the de facto bucket list park for Imagineering fans. Home to Modern Marvels: Journey to the Center of the Earth and Tower of Terror, it may seem odd that the ride Imagineers fans most adore is Sinbad's Storybook Voyage. When DisneySea opened in 2001, a much scarier version of the ride toured guests through the harrowing adventures of Sinbad the Sailor from 1001 Arabian Nights.

The current ride – a family-friendly re-skin – was achieved by turning the bad guys into friends, painting over Sinbad's goatee, adding the fan-favorite tiger mascot Chandu, and inserting an infectuous song called "Compass of Your Heart" by Disney songwriter Alan Menken (who also scored The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the BeastPocahontas, and many more). As astounding as ever is the Audio-Animatronic cast – figures that you frankly have to see to believe, given their incredible fluidity and expression even in simple, small-statured, and "cartoon" proportions.



Where is the Dragon who is under Sleeping Beauty castle in Paris? I think that is impressive, too. Maybe not as Imothep or the Dwarfs, but still great

What about the Dragon in Harry Potter and the forbidden journey ?!!!

There was a robot in the pre show to Walt Disney World magic Kingdom Alien Encounter (now closed) that was simply incredible! It's movements and expressions were so real.

The cowboy (forget who its supposed to be...) in the American Adventure at Epcot is very cool. I love every time when he spins his lasso. Mr. Potato Head at Toy Midway Mania at Hollywood Studios has issues sometimes... we watched him take his ear out, miss putting it back it, so he kind of just dropped it on the floor. And that 'disco Yeti' is fooling no one. Fix it!!!

I so miss the days of the 'real' Yeti at Animal Kingdom. Nowhere near the same now.

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