Every area in Walt Disney World features a carefully themed soundtrack to create the proper ambiance, but some soundtracks fall a little short of the mark and come off more annoying than charming. While you may not notice these background tracks when you’re passing through an area, these pieces can start to get on your nerves if you’re stuck around them for any length of time (as I often was, as a former Cast Member).

These soundtracks are exclusive to park areas outside of the attractions themselves, so you won’t see it’s a small world and other iconic on-ride tracks here. Rather, these are the more subtle pieces that play while you’re walking down the streets or standing in line.

5. Dinorama in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

DinoramaDinoramaDinorama is the gaudy roadside response to Dinosaur

Everything about Dinorama is a little too bright, kitschy, and abrasive, and the music is no different. This may, in fact, be one area where Disney achieved their goal by creating annoying music, because it’s just as brash as the surroundings and does actually fit perfectly. The loud carnival atmosphere is all out of proportion with what you would expect from Disney, and is especially jarring in a park like Animal Kingdom where most areas are natural and soothing.

The Boneyard, though not actually in the central part of Dinorama, features one of the single most grating area soundtracks in the park – a little ditty known as “Diggin in Dinoland.”

4. Commissary Lane in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

ABC Commissary

The music on Commissary Lane is a continuous loop of theme songs from ABC television shows. While these little snippets do fine as an intro to a funny sitcom, they lose a lot of their appeal when you hear them for longer than a few minutes.

Not all the tracks are recent, either, so you may find yourself thrown back to themes that haven’t been popular in years, like the music from “Home Improvement,” which ended in 1999.

3. Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin Queue in Magic Kingdom

The queue music for Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin is presumably meant to make you feel a rousing sense of support for Star Command. While the upbeat music has slightly patriotic undertones, it’s highly percussive which can beat the tune into your head in a less-than-gentle way after long.It also includes sirens and other occasional sound effects that can come off more shrill than exciting.



I, for one, love the Imagination BGM. I think it's some of the most enjoyable. I love all of the variations on "One Little Spark" that they've done instrumentally.

'Animation Courtyard is home to the Disney Junior Show, popular among the toddling set. The courtyard music features tunes from these Disney Junior shows, like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sophia the First, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Doc McStuffins.'

I watched the video and the courtyard music only plays tunes from the classic movies such as Hunchback of Notre Dame, Peter Pan, Little Mermaid, and so forth. No doc mcstuffins.

What about destiny in mission space's re-entry hall. I try to tune it out but it's not easy.

The only place where I've ever been so struck by the music as a guest that it made me feel sorry for the CM who had to listen to it all day was at DIsneyQuest. I believe it was when we left that the Wreck-It-Ralph theme song seemed to be playing on a loop. Don't get me wrong, it's a catchy tune and I love it--it's even on my gym playlist--but on repeat? For an entire shift? YIKES!

Every CM is going to think their BGM is most annoying haha

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