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Though geared toward children, many theme park areas look startlingly different from a child's perspective.

Theme parks are filled with exciting sights to take in, but it's easy to forget that the smallest guests have a different vantage point from adults. These pictures offer some striking examples of how theme parks can look drastically different to a child.

1. Safety features get in the way

Disney's Boardwalk.

A beautiful view across the water at Disney's Boardwalk is instantly obstructed by the railings along the water if you're not tall enough to see over them. If you notice your kids standing right up against fencing like this, they're probably not driven by a desire to frighten you with images of them falling in the water. Peering right through the gaps in the railing is the only way to get an unobstructed view of the sights you're marvelling at. 

2. Small pleasures become big feats

Club Cool at Epcot.

Grabbing a drink at Epcot's Club Cool is all about tasting the flavors when you're already accustomed to the process of filling a cup. For small hands, the chance to operate a machine with manageable kid-sized cups is irresistable. Finding out they can do it by themselves may turn into an unexpected highlight in the day.

3. Low railings can ruin the show

Epcot's Fountain of Nations.

The railing around the Fountain of Nations at Epcot is right at the eye level of children around the 40-inch height mark. It's difficult to find the perfect viewing spot for features like this that are right in the middle of heavy traffic in and out of the park, but it's worth taking some time to move forward or back, or simply pick your kids up, so stunning sights like this aren't lost.

4. Queues become endless

Seuss Trolley Train Ride Queue.

When all you can see are the legs in front of you, the line ahead looks like it has no end. Since every theme park vacation will involve some down time standing in line, come prepared with something to entertain the kids when they're stuck with a view like this.



I think the funniest thing I can recall when my triplets were 3.....from their perspective in a crowd... in unison they would say..."daddy..something smells down here!!!!!

An interesting thing to do is let a child take pictures, from their own camera or even from yours. My 5 year old son has taken some interesting pictures using our phones and also from out cameras - including a Nikon D40X. Love the expressions from people who are shocked that this little boy when he was 3 was taking pictures with this "expensive" camera. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

thank you for this post, I totally need to reconsider how my child feels in line! I need to make sure she can see everything!

It is not only children who are at a disadvantage but also wheelchair users like myself, what really gets me is the fact. That people think it is acceptable to come and stand in front of me blocking an already limited view.

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