Adventureland Entrance

As the name suggests, Adventureland at Disney's Magic Kingdom is all about brave voyages, daring explorations, and new discoveries. Whether you’re turning a shipwreck into an island home or facing down fearsome pirates, this area of the park gives you the opportunity for unforgettable adventures.

If you hustle through on the way to your next destination, you’ll miss your chance to truly experience everything this area has to offer. Take a moment to appreciate these fun little details throughout Adventureland.

1. The hull entrance to the Swiss Family Treehouse

The Swiss Family Treehouse entrance is made from a ship's hull.

The Swiss Family Treehouse is constructed from bits and pieces of their wrecked ship. Nowhere is this more obvious – and more overlooked – than the very entrance to the attraction. Check out the awning as you enter the queue for this walk-through area and you’ll notice that it bears remarkable resemblance to an overturned boat.

Discarded oars form the walkway

Continue past the entrance toward the suspension bridge and you’ll see even more nautical details. Apparently this boat was well-stocked in oars, as they support awnings all along this walkway. The end of a broken oar also serves as the entrance sign. When you get to the suspension bridge, you’ll see where the ropes and riggings for the boat were creatively reused.

The suspension bridge features ship's riggings.

2. The Magic Lamp in the Agrabah Bazaar

The Bazaar in Agrabah

If you’re familiar with the animated classic, Aladdin, you’ll instantly recognize that the gift shops surrounding The Magic Carpets of Aladdin are themed to the Middle Eastern markets of the fictional city of Agrabah. Head into the Bazaar and you’ll see a meet and greet area for Aladdin and Jasmine to the left.

If the duo isn’t there when you stop by, take a moment to poke around. You’ll find Aladdin’s magic lamp tucked away in the corner. Genie isn’t home right now, but you never know when he may pop up in the area.

The magic lamp of Aladdin.

3. The spitting camels

These camels spit!

The giant camels  located around The Magic Carpets of Aladdin are a direct reference to the camels in the movie. Genie warns that “they spit!” and indeed they do. One camel will take aim at you on the ride while the other spits on guests in the street. These camels were originally used on parade floats at then-Disney-MGM Studios. While you can’t miss these oversized features, if you’re lucky you’ll miss out on this little detail about their personal habits.



On our last trip to WDW my two boys and I came close to being victims of the spitting camel and then sat back and watched other guests unknowingly walk into their slobbery fate. Hilarious!!!

You're so keen! It is amazing how Adventureland, and the Magic Kingdom as a whole has triggered the excitement of kids and kids at heart. We'll check on the details mentioned. You have presented the attractions vis-a-vis what Disney has in mind when creating each one of them. :)

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