Restrooms Sign at Disney's Animal Kingdom

When you're at Disney's Animal Kingdom, there are some places you just have to go.

No matter what else is on your agenda, there’s one spot you can’t help visiting on a trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom – the restroom. While these stops probably aren’t considered the highlight of your trip, there’s no reason you can’t make the most of your visits.

This handy guide will point you toward the best spots in the park...and give you a little trivia to consider along the way.

1. Main Entrance, Left Side


Cleanliness: Women-7, Men-9

Size: W-5, M-4

Changing Table: W-10, M-7

Kid’s Sink: Yes

Overall Score: 7

This is the first restroom you’ll come across inside the park. Located right next to the lockers, it’s a busy spot with lots of traffic to duck around, particularly during the first few hours of the day when everyone is heading into the park.

If you have a baby to change here, you’re much better off in the women’s restroom where the changing table is off in its own alcove. On the men’s side, the table is right inside the door so you’re likely to have foot traffic jostling you from behind.

Look For This: The spoonbill exhibit is directly across from these restrooms, offering a convenient spot to meet up with your family when you’re finished. If you’re interested in doing a lot of animal spotting around the park, take this time to grab an animal guide at the maps display located nearby.

Worth Pondering: Though other Disney parks feature open entrances on their restrooms, those at Animal Kingdom have doors. This is so the restrooms can serve as safe shelters in case an animal escapes.  

2. Pizzafari

Restrooms outside the Pizzafari Restaurant

Cleanliness: Women-9, Men-9

Size: W-7, M-8

Changing Table: W-7, M-8

Kid’s Sink: Yes

Overall Score: 8

The Pizzafari restrooms are available through the restaurant and through an outdoor entrance. Several benches around the outdoor entrance offer a convenient spot for waiting for family members. This restroom is relatively empty in the morning, but takes a bigger hit during lunch and dinner rushes.

Look for This: How many animals can you spot in the decorations surrounding the outside entrance for these restrooms? Hint: Don’t forget to check the signage and look up towards the roof.

Worth Pondering: There are over 320 animals carved into the Tree of Life. Don’t miss your chance to spot them!

3. Africa

Restrooms in Animal Kingdom's Africa

Cleanliness: Women-8, Men-8

Size: W-8, M-8

Changing Table: W-5, M-6

Kid’s Sink: No

Overall Score: 7.2

As the only restroom in the expansive Africa area, this is almost always crowded. The restroom does have mirrors over some of the sinks which is a notable feature for a Disney restroom.

Look for This: The stage outside these restrooms regularly plays host to African musical performances. This is worth watching, particularly if you’re waiting for the rest of your party. Just make sure you head toward the front of the stage to avoid the overcrowded area around the restroom doors.

Worth Pondering: Disney’s Animal Kingdom is home to the largest groups of Nile hippos and African elephants in North America. Check them out on Kilimanjaro Safaris.

4. Rafiki’s Planet Watch

Rafiki's Planet Watch restrooms

Cleanliness: Women-10, Men-9

Size: W-7, M-6

Changing Table: W-8, M-8

Kid’s Sink: No

Overall Score: 8

These restrooms are the most interesting option in Animal Kingdom, though you have to take the train out to Rafiki’s Planet Watch to check them out. Inside, you’ll hear animal noises that make you feel like you’re deep in the jungle. Located off to the right just inside the building at Planet Watch, this spot is usually fairly empty.

Look for This: Outside the restrooms, there’s a Hidden Mickey in the ostrich’s pupil on the wall mural.

Ostrich eye "Hidden Mickey"

Worth Pondering: These restrooms include bathroom trivia on the backs of the stall doors to keep you busy while you’re…busy.

5. Flights of Wonder

Disney's Animal Kingdom restrooms outside Flights of Wonder

Cleanliness: Women-8, Men-9

Size: W-8, M-8

Changing Table: W-6, M-6

Kid’s Sink: No

Overall Score: 7.5

These restrooms, located near several food and drink stands, are relatively far from major attractions, so you can enjoy a pleasant lack of crowds. The only exceptions are show dumps from Flights of Wonder.

Look for This: A small alcove with tables and benches is just across from these restrooms. You can enjoy a great view of the Tree of Life from here. If you haven’t taken time to examine it from this angle, see how many unique animals you can spot while waiting for your party.

Worth Pondering: Animal Kingdom features 2.6 million gallons of water in various water features throughout the park. This volume is filtered an average of five times per day.


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