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10 Absurdly Intricate Details at Walt Disney World That Most People Never Notice

5. The perfect amount of dust (Disney's Hollywood Studios)


Image: Disney

Disney's cleaning staff have to be careful not to keep the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios spotless. Imagineers have specified exactly how dusty and cobweb-covered the different areas and items in the Hollywood Tower Hotel should be - but, of course, modern litter does need to be removed.

4. The hand-made tree (Disney's Animal Kingdom)

Tree of Life

Image © Disney

The iconic Tree of Life is the centerpiece of Disney's Animal Kingdom. Most guests will notice the 325 animals that are carved into it, which are the work of 10 artists and three Imagineers over an 18-month period. But few will consider the tree's leaves - more than 103,000 of them. Each of them was individually placed. There are rumors that they will all be replaced by new leaves capable of changing color as part of a night-time show that is coming to the park.

3. The "cracked" walkways (Disney's Animal Kingdom)

In the Africa area of Disney's Animal Kingdom, take a look at the walkways. The leaf prints and mud cracks were created using a mold - with Imagineers going as far as making casts of patches of mud. The cracks were widened using pressurised water jets.

2. The landscaping (Disney's Animal Kingdom)


Most guests breeze past the various plants at Disney's Animal Kingdom without giving them a second thought. Yet more than 4 million trees, plants, shrubs, vines, grasses and more from every continent on Earth (except Antarctica) were planted during the construction of the park. A great example is the area surrounding the Forbidden Mountain, which hosts the Expedition Everestroller coaster. To recreate the lowlands surrounding Mount Everest, more than 900 bamboo plants, 10 species of trees and 110 species of shrubs were planted.

1. Authentic materials (Disney's Animal Kingdom)

The queue line for Expedition Everest begins in the village of Serka Zong. All of the buildings in the village were made using "rammed earth" bricks, which are created by mixing water, dirt and straw together and hammering the mixture until it becomes rigid.

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There are 6 comments.

What an awesome article. It really is amazing how above and beyond Disney Imagineers go. The attention to detail is what makes Disney parks so special. Great post!

If you are interested, here is my blog:

If you look at the ground going toward beasts castle, you'll see 'bird prints' wagon prints and many other interesting things.

Notice the red brick walkway entering the MK is red symbolizing the red carpet at movie premieres !

I recall one of my colleagues, a Space Shuttle engineer just like (former) myself, who decided to become a Disney Imagineer. This attention to detail, the depth of thought... None of it even surprises me. Disney draws some of the very finest engineers and artists in my reconing.

When I go to Disney, I delight in the details. I look at the folks they've hired. I think of my friend and, indeed, one of my best students. They have given all of their best to Disney. I, as an engineer and scientist, am good with it!

I'm pretty sure the trees in Tomorrowland don't actually collect solar energy, although it is part of the story/thememing that they are supposed to...

I haven't seen the trees in Tomorrowland move at all. They might have at one point, there are several things around the area that went from being interactive to just random props.


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