Since the debut of Walt Disney World in 1971, dozens of attractions have been removed or replaced at the resort's four theme parks. We recently posted a round-up of pretty much all of them- 56 in total. Some of the attractions were extremely dated, and deserved to be removed. But some of them were actually pretty great, and were arguably taken out for reasons that were questionable or misguided. We miss those attractions, and wish that they still existed (possibly in an updated, modern form). Take a look at the 10 "lost" Walt Disney World attraction that we miss the most, and let us know in the comments which rides and shows you most regret having been removed.

10. Skyway (Magic Kingdom)


The Magic Kingdom's Skyway was very similar to the Disneyland original.Image: George Thomas, Flickr

Opened in: 1971 Closed in: 1999 The Magic Kingdom's Skyway cable car ride debuted with the rest of the park on October 1, 1971. Like Disneyland's version, it carried guests from Tomorrowland to Fantasyland, and vice-versa. It outlived its Disneyland counterpart by 5 years, before being removed in 1999. The Fantasyland station was recently demolished. Why we miss it:While it looked a little out of place, the Skyway was one of few rides at a Disney park that offered an overhead perspective. Its relatively low capacity made it a fairly impractical fixture at the world's most popular theme park, however.

9. The Monster Sound Show (Disney's Hollywood Studios)

Opened in: 1989 Closed in: 1999 Replaced by: Sounds Dangerous! An opening day attraction at Disney-MGM Studios, the Monster Sound Show featured a pre-show hosted by David Letterman. The 270-seat theater saw four guests volunteer to become "sound artists", adding in the effects for a short comedy movie. They would use props from around the theater to attempt to generate the effects. Why we miss it:We don't really miss the Monster Sound Show, per se. What we do miss is the old breed of attractions at Disney-MGM Studios/Disney's Hollywood Studios and Universal Studios Florida, which attempted to educate the audience about the production process as well as entertaining them.

8. Snow White's Scary Adventures (Magic Kingdom)

Image: Disney


Opened in: 1971 Closed in: 2012 Replaced by: Princess Fairytale Hall Snow White's Scary Adventures opened in 1971 alongside the rest of the Magic Kingdom. Criticised by many parents for being too intense for younger children, it received a major overhaul in 1994 that removed many of the scarier elements. It was removed to make room for the New Fantasyland expansion, although a new Snow White-themed ride, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, will open soon. Very similar versions of the ride can still be found at Disneyland, Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disneyland. Why we miss it:Replacing a classic dark ride (and quite an intense one at that) with a princess meet-and-greet location (the Princess Fairytale Hall) didn't seem like a fair swap to us. At least we have the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train as a consolation.

7. Kitchen Kabaret (Epcot)

Kitchen KabaretOpened in: 1982 Closed in: 1994 Replaced by: Food Rocks Kitchen Kabaret has to be one of the most unusual Disney attractions of all time. It was essentially a Vaudeville-style show featuring singing food items, and was designed to teach kids about the four food groups. It operated in the Land Pavilion for 12 years before being replaced by the similar Food Rocks, which itself closed for good in 2004. Why we miss it:This quirky show was, in our opinion, a cult classic. It may look a little of out place in a Disney park, but it helped to bring alive a relatively boring subject for Epcot's younger visitors.

6. Mr Toad's Wild Ride (Magic Kingdom)

Image (c) Disney

Image (c) Disney

Opened in: 1971 Closed in: 1998 Replaced by: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Just as it was at Disneyland back in 1955, Mr Toad's Wild Ride was in place on the opening day of the Magic Kingdom. The classic Disney dark ride was based on the firm's adaptation of The Wind in the Willows, and featured two slightly different rides depending on which boarding area guests queued for. The near-misses with scenery made it hugely popular, but Disney ignored fans' protests and tore it out in September 1998 to make room for The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Why we miss it: For our money, Mr Toad's Wild Ride was a superior dark ride to the attraction that replaced it.



Who remembers "If you had wings" at the Magic Kingdom? It made travel look so glamorous and exotic. It was one of my childhood favorites.

How about Horizons? Best ride in Epcot. If You Had Wings. Another classic. World of Motion. Countdown to Extinction. Even though it technically is still there as Dinosaur, it's not the same.

I loved Mr Toad. Always rode it even as an adult.

I miss the live entertainment at EPCOT. Off Kilter is at the top of that list. I miss all of the ones mentioned. A lot of the magic is gone that used to be there in the past.

The original philharmonic that went to Japan was an original great the 3 D replacement is nice but it is motion picture original was animatronic and totally amazing real time set.

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