Mealybug Destroyer

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Mealybugs are tiny insects found in moist, warm climates - and they thrive in Central Florida. They feed on the juices of greenhouse plants and subtropical trees, and carry plant diseases. Naturally, Disney doesn't want them damaging its carefully landscaped parks. Fortunately, the company has a secret weapon. It releases thousands of the intriguingly-named Cryptolaemus (also known as the mealybug destroyer) to finish off the scaly beasts.

1. Snakes

Black Racer snake

Mosquitoes are a pest, but they're small - and can be controlled in ways that are more-or-less invisible to guests. But what about that other notorious, disease-spreading menace - the rat? For that, larger predators are needed. Not everybody is keen on snakes, but Disney is happy to allow species such as Black Racers to thrive on its property. They are non-poisonous, and help to keep the rodent population contained.


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When I went to high school in Florida I was told there are a 1000 snakes per acre in Florida. Sounds a bit high to me but I know there are a lot. Black racers also eat rattlesnakes, so they are a really good snake.

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Saw snake at Tom Sawyer island

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Animal Kingdom by Dinosaur is where i usually see them.

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Animal Kingdom by Dinosaur is where i usually see them.

Thanks! Slightly shocked by how popular the article has proven to be :-)

Finally, the recognition that ladybugs deserve!

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