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The 5 Weirdest Hidden "Cast Members" at Walt Disney World


Mealybug Destroyer

Image: Wikipedia

Mealybugs are tiny insects found in moist, warm climates - and they thrive in Central Florida. They feed on the juices of greenhouse plants and subtropical trees, and carry plant diseases. Naturally, Disney doesn't want them damaging its carefully landscaped parks. Fortunately, the company has a secret weapon. It releases thousands of the intriguingly-named Cryptolaemus (also known as the mealybug destroyer) to finish off the scaly beasts.

1. Snakes

Black Racer snake

Mosquitoes are a pest, but they're small - and can be controlled in ways that are more-or-less invisible to guests. But what about that other notorious, disease-spreading menace - the rat? For that, larger predators are needed. Not everybody is keen on snakes, but Disney is happy to allow species such as Black Racers to thrive on its property. They are non-poisonous, and help to keep the rodent population contained.

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There are 69 comments.

I was standing in the grass at Boardwalk on my cell phone, looked down and watched a 4 foot black snake crawl across both my feet.

Saw one crawl from under our building at Port Orleans Riverside.

We saw a Baby Bunny last summer at Epcot.. My dad caught it, the kids pet it, then we let it go on his way.. Kinda very surprising.

believe it or not, that was probably a full grown rabbit. They are affectionately known as "swamp bunnies" and are very common in the area. Small, short-eared, and adorable!

You didn't follow it down the rabbit hole? Or was this one not wearing a pocket watch and running late for a very important date?

I almost caught a snake on tom Sawyer island

I almost caught a snake on tom Sawyer island

I have a cool photo of a dragonfly perched on my daughers finger .. I took the pix at Hollywood studios

We spotted a snake while queueing for the shark swim in Typhoon Lagoon. At a narro part of the line He popped out of the bushes and waved himself at my daughters shoulder, Her reaction was epic, she Just looked from the snake to the sharks to the snake again,
There are no snakes in our country so we have no experience or knowledge of them.

They also have wild rabbits hopping about and mallard ducks ... and deer small Florida deer they stay in certain areas not sure how many are there now.. but rabbits I've seen there a lot right next to cinderellas castle

Don't forget the armadillos and all those cute little lizards.

As a Florida native and resident the black racer not only keeps rodents at bay, but they are notorious for keeping venomous snakes away too. They are fast, and if they feel threatened they will chase you (hence the "racer" in the name) but totally harmless.

Saw a squirrel last trip. It was a brown one like what I see at home. Funniest thing was it went under my mom's chair at the restaurant just by Star Tours and got closer to us then the squirrels do at my workplace.

snake on Tom Sawyer Island.A number of tourists including my family stood staring at what we thought was a fake snake. It was a snake- but definitely not fake.

Do you plan on eating the snakes? I think you meant nonvenomous.

You forgot about the 50,000 bats that live at Wilderness Lodge! Can you imagine how many mosquitoes get eaten every night by all those bats! They are Awesome!

While staying at Old Key West in June, my daughter and I saw a racer cross the sidewalk in front of us. He was small. It surprised me and we squealed a little, but I knew it wasn't poisonous so I wasn't scared. Good to know they have a job to do!

Very interesting! I live here near in Cali so I've never been to Orlando, but we do have wildlife flourishing here in our Disney parks. Heck, whenever I see a beautiful mama duck and her children, a small rabbit, heck, even something as small as a snail on it's way, I just have to stop for a second haha. I just love all creatures, so I just kinda break down and geek out in front of the animal like a 4 year old who has never seen one before XD

A few years ago at night we were the short garden path next to the castle and the bridge going over the water going towards the resturant that has the piano playing alien in it and a rat ran past us. It scared me because it wasn't somthing I was expecting.. Thank goodness there wasn't a snake behind it I would have freaked out then.


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