London Dungeon

When The London Dungeon closed its doors on Tooley Street after close to 40 years, there was much excitement about what surprises its new home in County Hall would hold. Those of us who have been to the new London Dungeon attraction have found it to be vast improvement over the old Tooley Street site, but there are a few facts that I think may be of interest!

SPOILER ALERT: There are spoilers in this article, so only read on if you’ve experienced the attraction or don't mind knowing how some of the tricks are done.

1. The doors are as strong as they look

Like all good modern theme park attractions, the doors open automatically - which is a good thing because some of the doors are made of steel (coated in wood) to ensure excellent sound proofing. This is especially apparent between the Guy Fawkes’ Scene and The Torture Chamber.

2. A BIG elevator

The lift at the London Dungeon that descends you into the bowels of the Dungeon is certified to hold 120 people! Thankfully the tour groups are never that large!

3. No boat ride today?

Boat ride

When the boat ride is out of order, the lift only descends one floor (as opposed to its normal two) and will drop you off outside the entrance to the Conspirators’ walk. The boat ride, Gong Farmer scene and the Guy Fawkes introduction talk are all on the sub-basement level. Next time you go up the stairs from these scenes, you’ll notice the lift doors in the darkness.

4. No lift today?

When the lift is broken, its down to the old fashioned stairs to introduce the journey. This is where the actress really gets to shine because she has to entertain the tour group as they make their way down a rather boring set of stairs. Theming is slightly present on the stairs - mostly with hanging parchments on the walls similar to those in the entry hall.

5. A hidden rock star

As you exit the Sweeney Todd scene and you transition toward Jack The Ripper - to your right you’ll notice a figure lurking in the shadows. A little known fact is that it is actually a model of Bob Geldof from Madame Tussauds dressed up in Victorian regalia!

6. How much?!

Dead doctor

The incredibly realistic looking dead doctor in the Surgery scene was made by the waxwork craftspeople at Merlin Studios in West London - for the costly sum of £100,000.

7. An excavation nightmare

For The Gong Farmer scene, construction workers had to cut through six feet of concrete to provide the almost 30 foot height in this scene. The neighbouring hotels in County Hall weren’t too happy…!


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