5. The lion


Image: Wikipedia

In a truly unusual incident, an African lion escaped from a backyard cage and killed the next door neighbour. Who was to blame? The family of the victim alleged that it was Disneyland, who had failed to track down the owner (who was visiting the park that day) in time. They were not successful in court.

4. Segways


The case brought by several disabled visitors against Disney for refusing to allow entry to its parks when riding Segways (as mobility vehicles) is not unusual in itself. What makes the case stand out, though, is one of the statements that Disney used to (successfully) defend itself. The company pointed out that the owner of Segway Inc., Jimi Heselden, had died in 2010 after falling off a cliff while riding a Segway.

3. The Hydrolator


Image © Disney

The Hydrolators, once a key part of the The Seas pavilion at Epcot, were the subject of one mythical lawsuit that may never have actually happened. Disney tour guides have told tales of a case brought by a woman who suffered from "the bends" after descending into the depths of the sea in one of the Hydrolators. There was one problem, however - the Hydrolators didn't actually go anywhere. They simply vibrated a bit to give guests the impression that they were headed to the bottom of the sea.

An investigation by Yesterland, however, suggests that this may be an urban legend.

2. The headless characters

Mickey Mouse

Image © Disney

Any Disney fan knows that the characters that wander through the parks are real. But that hasn't stopped a number of lawsuits mentioning children witnessing "headless" characters backstage, causing severe distress.

The reality of these cases is a little less bizarre. In fact, two lawsuits have cited headless characters, but there were many other factors involved too. One case involved security staff falsely accusing a family of shoplifting, and dragging them backstage. Another saw a former Mouseketeer brought backstage after being held up at gunpoint in Disneyland's parking lot. Both distressing events, regardless of the presence of beheaded characters.

1. Pooh and Tigger

Pooh and Tigger
Image © Disney

Both Winnie the Pooh and his friend Tigger have been accused of assaulting guests. In 1981, Pooh was accused of beating a nine-year-old girl by repeatedly slapping her in the face, but Disney was able to prove that his range of movement would have made this impossible. 23 years later, Tigger faced criminal charges, being acquitted of molesting guests after the character himself appeared in court to demonstrate how difficult maneuvering was.


Well anyone can start a lawsuit over anything in this country.
It just runs the risk of being thrown out by the judge.
I don't doubt someone was stupid enough to try this.

In reply to by April (not verified)

April, she meant that the lawsuit was true. You just bashed her for nothing. Some people are so quick to be judgemental!

In reply to by April (not verified)

RUDE! No reason what so ever to be that harsh, especially when YOU are the one who misread the comment.

I worked at Disney during the Tigger incident and I was told by some of the managers that the person playing Tigger was a lawsuit waiting to happen because he was warned many times not to be so "handsy" with the female guests.

I work at Disney and was told the story of Denise Mooty personally by cast members that were there at the time. She most definitely DID verbally abuse them, and that's the reason she was removed from the park. It's one of those situations where kindness will get you everywhere, but rudeness and foul language will get you nowhere!

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