10. Ye-Tea


Look out for cleverly-named "Ye-Tea", a special blend produced by the Royal Anandpur Tea Company, on show in a cabinet in Tashi's Trek and Tongba Shop.

9. The yeti footprint

Yeti footprint

In the museum, look out for a reproduction of Eric Shipton's infamous yeti footprint picture, taken in 1951. The yeti print is said to be 13 inches high by 8 inches wide.

8. A worrying precedent

Keep your eyes peeled for a tent on the left-hand-side of the queue line. Its shredded remains and damaged camping equipment do not bode well!

7. Steaming along

Expedition Everest

Image © Disney

Take a close look at Expedition Everest's trains. They are themed after aging steam-powered tea trains. Vents under the station are used to release steam when the train enters the loading platform to add to the illusion.

6. Just tall enough

Expedition Everest (5)

At 199 feet tall Expedition Everest is the tallest of Walt Disney World's faux mountains. It is just below the Federal Aviation Authority's 200-foot limit, which would require it to have a flashing red light on its peak.

5. Not so tall

Expedition Everest

Image: Mambo'Dan

Despite its extreme height, Expedition Everest is not - as commonly claimed - the tallest mountain in Florida. Walton Count's Britton Hill tops it, at 345 feet above sea level, whereas Expedition Everest's peak sits at 320 feet above sea level.

4. A steel beast

Expedition Everest construction (1)

Image: happysteve

The Forbidden Mountain was created using 5,000 tons of structural steel and 10,000 tons of concrete. A rigid steel structure holds the mountain in place. More than 2,000 gallons of stain and paint were used on the mountain's rockwork and the buildings in the village.

3. A complex creation

Expedition Everest construction (2)

Image: happysteve

The mountain was crafted using more than 3,000 pre-fabricated steel "chips".

2. Forwards and backwards

Expedition Everest backwards

Two key sequences in Expedition Everest see the trains switch from travelling forwards to backwards, and vice-versa. This achieved by using two track switches, which weigh 200,000 pounds each. Computers are used to trigger the switches, which rotate into the required position within six seconds.

1. The Disco Yeti

Disco Yeti

Image © Disney

It's not a secret to Disney experts, but some guests will be unaware that the Yeti animatronic that is sighted on Expedition Everest was originally much more advanced in his movements. A few months after the ride opened, the concrete foundation on which the Yeti stands cracked, and his full range of movements was put to an end. Instead, a disco-style strobe light now flashes behind him to give the impression that he is moving.

The yeti was the most ambitious audio-animatronic figure ever built by Disney's Imagineers. It stands at 22 feet tall, and originally featured movement controlled by 10 actuators. It was able to move five feet horizontally and two feet vertically in its original guise.



In reply to by jessica (not verified)

If you were in fact a cast member, you would know she has always been brown. I worked there as an attractions cast member, I worked there with the people who opened the attraction, and I know every nook and cranny of that mountain. Why would the Imagineers build the yeti white then turn around and make her brown? That's ludicrous. If you view footage of the attraction's development and opening, what color is she? Brown.

In reply to by Linds (not verified)

Linds I think you dont know nearly what you think you do. Want me to send you the vacation planning DVD from the year the ride opened? Because they show this gigantic white yeti swinging its arm down at the Everest cars. It was certainly a white yeti plain as day in that video. ANd a few videos after as well.

In reply to by Dennis (not verified)

this is a little late to the party(just found out about this site this year{2017}) but i believe linds is correct, albeit very abrasive, about the color of the yeti
if you google expedition everest yeti moving 2006, and click the machinedesign(dot)com link they have a picture of the yeti there

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