Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man

In September 1993, the owners of Universal Studios Florida called a press conference to announce a second theme park to be located next to it. Legendary movie director Steven Spielberg was on hand, in his capacity as a consultant for Universal's parks. He promised that the park would feature "the most amazing rides and attractions anyone has ever experienced." The "multi-media" rides, he promised, would incorporate 3-D footage, virtual reality and simulator technology. It turned out that Spielberg's predictions would come true, in the form of The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man. Universal had grand plans for the Marvel icon, having licensed the rights to use the character from the comic book firm. As far back as November 1997, the company was making bold claims about The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man. It would, Universal modestly promised, be "the greatest ride ever built." For many, the ride lived up to that boast. Combining 3-D visuals, physical effects, an innovative ride system, and a compelling storyline, it is still regarded as one of the world's best theme park attractions. The storyline is based around a battle between Spider-Man and the Sinister Syndicate, comprised of bad guys Doctor Octopus, Electro, Hobgoblin, Scream and Hydroman. In the queue line, which winds its way through the offices of the Daily Bugle newspaper, riders watch a 2-D, comic book-style animation that explains that the Syndicate have stolen the Statue of Liberty and are seeking to gain control of New York, aided by a new anti-gravity device invented by Doctor Octopus. With the paper’s employees having abandoned the building, riders are recruited as temporary "reporters". They then board 12-passenger "Scoop" vehicles for a journey around the city, encountering both Spider-Man and the bad guys on the way before the superhero finally saves the day. There are a host of little details to look out for the next time you experience The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man. Here are 15 "hidden secrets" to look out for!

15. The Express sign


Take a look at the Universal Express sign at the ride's entrance. It's dangling from one of Spider-Man's webs.

14. The Trophy Room

Trophy room

In the queue line, you'll pass a trophy case. The names that you'll see on these trophies are those of the main creators of the Spider-Man ride.

13. The file cabinets

If you're paid for a Universal Express Pass, you can find one extra hidden secret. One room in the Express line queue is home to several file cabinets. These are filled with information on characters and locations in the Marvel Universe.

12. The schedule

In the loading area, look out for the "Loading Dock Schedule" on the wall, which reveals just how many breaks the Daily Bugle's employees take.

11. A Disney influence

Indiana Jones Adventure

Image © Disney

Despite its reputation for risk-taking, Universal originally intended for Spider-Man to be a much simpler attraction. According to Ben Lovelace, who worked on the ride, it was initially conceived as a simple dark ride, with a chain of cars passing by a film of some sort. However, when in 1995 Disneyland opened Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye, combining an innovative motion vehicle system with stunning special effects, Universal felt it needed to up the ante. “We always try to make things a little higher, a little faster, a little bit more dynamic, so we have something to market technologically,” said Lovelace. “Universal pushes the envelope.”



There is a phone number near the movie theater marquee (before it got destroyed, just before you get hit with the anti-gravity gun.) If you were to call it, you would hear a message saying the theater is closed for repairs.

Although I love the new visuals, the new music is severely lacking, IMO. The rock style music from before the refurb was more fitting.

Stan Lee is in Spiderman four time not three

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