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Disney has always enforced strict rules at its theme parks to ensure a family-friendly experience, from restrictions on what guests can bring in with them to the famed "Disney Look"for its Cast Members. Many of these rules have been relaxed since Disneyland's debut in 1955, but there are a still of host of things that will get you barred or ejected from Disney theme parks. It's unlikely that many of Theme Park Tourist's readers will fall foul of these rules. But we still thought it might be fun to take a look 10 things that are banned from Disney parks today.

10. Skateboards

Bart Simpson

Fancy doing your best Bart Simpson impression during your next visit to Disneyland or Walt Disney World? Don't have a cow, man, but that skateboard will have to stay in the car - along with your inline skates and shoes with built-in wheels. In fact, with the exception of strollers and wheelchairs, just about anything on wheels is banned from Disney's parks. That includes scooters, wagons and suitcases and strollers above certain minimum dimensions (92x132cm for strollers, 61x38x46cm for suitcases).

9. Folding chairs

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Waiting to watch one of Disney's parades can be a brutal affair. Families gather an hour or more in advance, lining the pavements of Main Street, USA and waiting in the beating sun for Mickey and his friends to come past. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a folding chair with you to make that wait more bearable? Tough luck - they aren't allowed. Probably understandably, given the amount of precious room they would take up.

8. Costumes

Snow White costume

It can be tempting to dress up as a Disney princess or character during your visit. But do that, and you're liable not to be allowed into the park (unless you are aged under 10). Of course, there's a fine line between an outfit and a costume...but Disney bans anything that could even potentially be viewed as a costume.

7. Revealing clothes

Image: Disney


Want to wear jeans that are torn in multiple places, or a transparent top? Forget it. Disney bans clothing made with "offensive material" (i.e. transparent), as well as items that are "excessively torn". Forget wearing a bikini top, a g-string or any other skimpy items, too - unless you're at a Disney water park, of course.

6. "Offensive" clothing

No slogan

Bought yourself a clever t-shirt with a slogan on it from an online store? Think twice before wearing it to a Disney park. Some Cast Members may judge "offensiveness" levels differently, but anything that is even remotely liable to cause offence to another guest could get you thrown out.



Could be a therapy dog...those can be any breed.

Ok I'm gonna break this down, as a former cast member on the world showcase in Epcot.

10) I have never seen anyone with a skateboard, but I've seen ALL of the other items being used in the parks.

9) the fact that I sometimes used to take a folding chair into the parks makes this one invalid

8) this one is true

7) completely not true. I've worn torn jeans, and even a hello kitty dress (I am male and this was made for girls around the age of 6) and nothing my was said. Unless you're not naked you will be A ok. Cast members and security won't be checking to see what kind of underwear you have on either

6) this is also untrue. I wore a t-shirt that said fuck George bush on the front. Although I had some stares and the odd heated discussion with other guests, nothing was said by actual CM's or security.

5) as far as topless gusts go, this true and is for health and safety reasons. With the law suit culture of the U.S. someone will try and blame wdw for them getting sunburnt or something.

4) this one is spot on

3) yes guests are not allowed to bring Segways into the parks. But they can (or they did when I was there) have an opportunity to ride a Segway in the science and innovation area of Epcot. Also just to note, car park attendants and managerial CM's use them

2) you got one thing right, you can't bring your own booze in. But I can not count on the number of times myself and other cast members had gone to the world showcase, regardless if it was food and wine festival, and got absolutely slaughtered!!!

1) yeah, true. Speaks for itself really.

As others have said. These may be the rules that are in place, but the majority of them are not enforced
So rather than just posting an article like this as you have done, get from behind your screen, go to the parks and them out, do some actual research and speak to current and former cast members.

6. Unfortunately you are wrong on this, i was asked to turn my 2nd Amendment t-shirt inside out on 4-28-15. It has the 2nd Amendment written in the likeness of an AK-47, with a star on top of it and the phrase "COME AND TAKE IT" underneath. When I asked why I would need to turn it inside out I was told "because it has a gun on it, and the park doesn't allow any form or depiction of a gun in the park"... Meanwhile a man in a Guns and Roses t-shirt walked right by with 2 revolvers on his shirt. My wife pointed out the fact that they sell Star Wars t-s with guns on them as well as toy guns in the park. When i refused to turn my shirt inside out I was told I could speak to a supervisor. When the supervisor arrived I was told "I don't have a 1st Amendment right on private property", and "regardless if my shirt was stating an amendment in the constitution, since it depicted the shape of a gun in words it was not allowed in the park". Right after this I walked into downtown Disney, entered a Disney store, and purchased a Star Wars collage t-shirt with 3 different characters holding guns. When I entered the park the 2nd time I was told "I love that t-shirt" by the park official! At this point I was really pissed off at the ripe hypocrisy. I went to customer relations to ask why the shirt I was wearing was okay, but my 2nd amendment t-shirt was not, and was told "it's probably because it says COME AND TAKE IT", I don't know about the average uneducated person, but this phrase ("Come and take it" is an American patriotic slogan used in 1778 at Fort Morris in Georgia during the American Revolution and in 1835 at the Battle of Gonzales during the Texas Revolution. The phrase is similar to Molon labe (come and take them), which is a classical expression of defiance reportedly spoken by King Leonidas I in response to the Persian army's demand that the Spartans surrender their weapons at the Battle of Thermopylae.) It's been on flags since our inception as a country. Also if the constitution is offensive maybe you're not American! Just saying Disney, your policies and hypocrisy in them are down right ridiculous.

I got thrown out of Disney's Hollywood Studios for wearing a FCUK slogan tshirt that were a thing at the time. I tried pointing out that it was the reads own mind that made it offensive, but to no avail. Proud moment!

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