Two-gun Mickey

Disney has always enforced strict rules at its theme parks to ensure a family-friendly experience, from restrictions on what guests can bring in with them to the famed "Disney Look"for its Cast Members. Many of these rules have been relaxed since Disneyland's debut in 1955, but there are a still of host of things that will get you barred or ejected from Disney theme parks. It's unlikely that many of Theme Park Tourist's readers will fall foul of these rules. But we still thought it might be fun to take a look 10 things that are banned from Disney parks today.

10. Skateboards

Bart Simpson

Fancy doing your best Bart Simpson impression during your next visit to Disneyland or Walt Disney World? Don't have a cow, man, but that skateboard will have to stay in the car - along with your inline skates and shoes with built-in wheels. In fact, with the exception of strollers and wheelchairs, just about anything on wheels is banned from Disney's parks. That includes scooters, wagons and suitcases and strollers above certain minimum dimensions (92x132cm for strollers, 61x38x46cm for suitcases).

9. Folding chairs

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Waiting to watch one of Disney's parades can be a brutal affair. Families gather an hour or more in advance, lining the pavements of Main Street, USA and waiting in the beating sun for Mickey and his friends to come past. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a folding chair with you to make that wait more bearable? Tough luck - they aren't allowed. Probably understandably, given the amount of precious room they would take up.

8. Costumes

Snow White costume

It can be tempting to dress up as a Disney princess or character during your visit. But do that, and you're liable not to be allowed into the park (unless you are aged under 10). Of course, there's a fine line between an outfit and a costume...but Disney bans anything that could even potentially be viewed as a costume.

7. Revealing clothes

Image: Disney


Want to wear jeans that are torn in multiple places, or a transparent top? Forget it. Disney bans clothing made with "offensive material" (i.e. transparent), as well as items that are "excessively torn". Forget wearing a bikini top, a g-string or any other skimpy items, too - unless you're at a Disney water park, of course.

6. "Offensive" clothing

No slogan

Bought yourself a clever t-shirt with a slogan on it from an online store? Think twice before wearing it to a Disney park. Some Cast Members may judge "offensiveness" levels differently, but anything that is even remotely liable to cause offence to another guest could get you thrown out.



Interesting, the last time I was there I saw quite a few offensive tshirts.

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Last week while at magic kingdom I saw a man/boy with a skateboard!!!

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Last week while at magic kingdom I saw a man/boy with a skateboard!!!

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Last week i was coming out of small world and someone had one of the those stupid hands up don't shoot t-shirts

I would have to question numbers 6 and 7. I have seen a number of very offensive T-Shirts and young women in bikini tops that were little more than nipple covers and shorts so short, that they look like underwear. Also, PDA's that were so offensive that it should have been suggested they get a room or go back to their room.

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