Bathroom of Tomorrow

Disney typically aims its theme park attractions at a mainstream audience, ensuring that millions of visitors experience them every year. But every now and then the company does something that is a little off-the-wall.

Over the years, a number of bizarre attractions have been installed at Disneyland, Walt Disney World and the company's theme parks across the world. Sometimes, they are the result of a desperate need to "pad out" an area with more attractions. Sometimes they are the output of misguided collaborations with third party companies. Sometimes they are designed to attract attention as part of a marketing campaign. And sometimes the reasons behind their creation are simply impossible to fathom. Either way, the results can sometimes turn out to be great. Whatever the case, it's fun to look back at these quirky Disney creations. Here are 7 of the strangest Disney theme park attractions of all time!

7. The Bathroom of Tomorrow

Crane in DisneylandImage: Disney

Disneyland was built at a breakneck pace. Inevitably, not everything was ready for its 1955 opening day - and Tomorrowland was way behind schedule. In the end, it opened with a thin line-up of attractions and the promise of new additions coming soon. One of those additions was the Bathroom of Tomorrow, sponsored by the Crane Plumbing Company and accompanied by the boast: "This fabulous bathroom, designed for the future, is available for your home today!" All of the fixtures in the Bathroom of Tomorrow were in a vibrant citrus yellow color, with the bathtub and bidet being gold-plated. Dumbbells were attached to the wall, to allow home-owners to take a quick workout at any time. Hot water was available from a boiler of "advanced design". Walt Disney, Crane president Frank F. Elliot and designer Henry Dreyfuss were on hand for the attraction's unusual opening ceremony in 1956. Instead of cutting a ribbon, they turned valves - a fitting thing to do, given that the accompanying "Tear Drop" exhibit celebrated the "dramatic story of valves in industry". The exhibit was removed after just four years in 1960.

6. The Hall of Aluminum Fame

Hall of Aluminum Fame
Image: Disney

Alongside the Bathroom of Tomorrow, several other "edutainment" attractions were installed in early Tomorrowland at Disneyland. One of these was the Hall of Aluminum Fame, sponsored by Kaiser, which was ready for the park's opening day. The walkthrough exhibit took visitors through the process of making aluminum, and featured a 40-foot telescope and a pig mascot known as the "Kaiser Aluminum Pig" (KAP for short). The Hall of Aluminum was never likely to be a longlasting attraction, with Disney sure to remove it once it had the money to build a better replacement. In the end, Kaiser made the decision instead, terminating its contract after five years after Disney used competing sponsors for its Disneyland TV show.

5. The Intimate Apparel Store

Hollywood-Maxell Bras
Image: Disney

One of the stores on Disneyland's Main Street USA on its opening day, located right next door to Grandma's Baby Shop, was the Intimate Apparel Store. Yes, in Disney's family theme park female guests could stop in and buy a corset or a bra. While there, they could also watch the amazing Wonderful Wizard of Bras, who took to a rotating stage to deliver a recorded history of undergarments. On one side of the stage was a recreation of 1890s underwear, while the other side hosted "the fashions of today". Elsewhere, a Singer Sewing Machine dating from the 1860s and 3-D boxes showing historic underwear added to the educational experience. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Wizard of Bras and the store that hosted him were evicted after just six months. The store was absorbed into the Glass and China Shop next door.



I can not believe that Disney did away with push! I took my kids to Disney World a few years ago and I got to see him and he was awesome! Why would they do away with something so simple?
I say they should make a Wall E 2 have push make a cameo and then return to the Magic Kingdom!

In 1975 or 1976 there was a music act in act food court in tomorrow land across from autopia it was synthetic keyboard music much like the sound track of the first electric main street electrical pradesh what was the name of this performance ? , peformer?

In reply to by James Irby (not verified)

If you are talking about Disney World then the performer would be Michael Iceburg and the Iceburg Machine... loved him. Used to watch 2 or 3 shows a day...

In 1975 or 1976 there was a music act in act food court in tomorrow land across from autopia it was synthetic keyboard music much like the sound track of the first electric main street electrical pradesh what was the name of this performance ? , peformer?

I am so sick of everyone hating on the castle cake! As an 8 year old girl in 96, it was freaking awesome!! Yes it was not the best photo-op for young men to pop the question, but it was memorable for sure! If you want to complain about defacing the castle, let's talk about when Stitch TPed it.

I love how most of these were Disneyland v1.0. Disney was inventing the theme park and struggling especially with tomorrowland. How to keep the future current. That's why I love the timeless, retro future we have today.

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