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The 10 Most Luxurious (And Expensive!) Walt Disney World Hotel Rooms

Cinderella Castle Suite

Walt Disney World is home to a variety of on-site hotels designed to suit the budgets of most visitors. From family suites at the low-cost Disney's Art of Animation Resort to pricy rooms with a view of an African savannah at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, there's a wide selection to choose from. There are almost 25,000 rooms spread across the resort's hotels, campsites, cabins and Disney Vacation Club properties.

But what if you have really deep pockets? Well, Disney is very happy to take your money, and can offer you a stay in one of a host of incredibly luxurious rooms. The rest of us may have to keep on dreaming, but we can enjoy a look at these 10 luxurious Walt Disney World hotel rooms anyway!

10. Yellowstone Suite, Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Image © Disney

Price: Around $1,000/night

The 729-room Disney's Wilderness Lodge is located close to the Magic Kingdom, and is designed to resemble a classic National Park Service lodge. The rustic theming extends into the rooms themselves, as well as the hot spring-style pool area.

One of most luxurious rooms is the Yellowstone Suite, which offers views across the courtyard, pool and Bay Lake.

The suite covers some 1,000 square feet, and features a rustic design. Guests staying in the room benefit from two housekeeping visits per day, an eight-seater dining table, a powder room, an office, a sprawling living room and a luxurious bathroom complete with two sinks and a whirlpool tub.

9. Presidential Suite, Disney's Contemporary Resort

Disney's Contemporary Resort

Price: Around $2,000/night

The iconic Contemporary Resort was one of Walt Disney World's original hotels, and features a unique A-Frame design. It was constructed by the United States Steel Corporation, which hoped to prove the viability of a new technique using modular rooms that were put together off-site and then slotted into place. The approach proved to be a near-disaster, with Disney subsequently buying out its partner. The resort remains popular, though, offering stunning views over the Magic Kingdom and the convenience of a monorail line that runs right through it.

The two-bedroom Presidential Suite offers an incredible view of the Magic Kingdom, a king-sized bathroom with a whirlpool and a full-sized fridge.

8. Royal Palm Club Level Suite, Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Image © Disney

Price: Around $2,000/night

Featuring a Victorian theme, Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is one of the highest-end accommodation options at the Walt Disney World Resort. Boasting 867 rooms, it is home to a wide range of restaurants, two pools, a beach and a full service spa. The Magic Kingdom is easily accessible via monorail.

A two-bedroom Royal Palm Club Level suite will sleep up to 6, and includes concierge service, a parlor area and a wet bar. You'll also gain access to the very posh Royal Palm Club lounge.

7. Princess Suite, Disney's Polynesian Resort

Disney's Polynesian Resort

Image © Disney

Price: Around $1,500/night

Part of Walt Disney World's original hotel line-up, the South Seas-themed Disney's Polynesian Resort boasts 847 rooms and suites, spread across several buildings and longhouses.

The two-bedroom Princess Suite offers views of Cinderella's Castle and the marina. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that you'll be able to watch the nightly Wishes fireworks show from the comfort of your own room.

6. Steeplechase Suite, Disney's Boardwalk Inn

Disney's Boardwalk Inn

Image © Disney

Price: Around $2,500/night

Situated close to Epcot, Disney's Boardwalk Inn is part of the broader Disney's Boardwalk Resort, which also includes Disney Vacation Club timeshare accommodation. It is designed to resemble a 1920s era Atlantic City or Ocean City boardwalk, and is heavily themed throughout.

Wealthy guests can look forward to a stay in a Steeplechase Suite, offering views over Crescent Lake, the Boardwalk and Disney's Yacht and Beach Club. There's a king bedroom in the master bedroom and two queens in the second bedroom, and one-and-a-half baths.

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There are 21 comments.

Random aside, the "Year of a Million Dreams" began October of 2006 and ran until December of 2008

This looks really nice but I will never be able to take my family there. For a place that is suppose to be great for families, I think you should advertise it as "great for rich families". Most families that I know could never afford to take their kids at all.

On off season, the value resorts, which are themed and very nice can be as low as $49 a night! Also, you can call and plan a stay with the Disney vacation planners up to 36 mos in advance and make monthly payments! Makes it very affordable! We do it all the time!

I agree. With good planning and research it is very possible. Going with a group can help with hopper passes as well.

I agree. With good planning and research it is very possible. Going with a group can help with hopper passes as well.

Only the camp grounds are $49 a night. A value resort in off season is still over $80 a night. Staying off property is the best way to go. I did 10 days at the Motel 6 west main gate and it was $307 with all taxes included. I was soo close to Disney had I jumped the fence behind the hotel I was in Animal Kingdom, and we could see the fireworks from magic kingdom off our balcony.

Families of all income levels go to Disney. Try saving and budgeting.

These are the most expensive rooms in the most expensive hotels on property. 99.9% of guests will never stay in them. That doesn't mean you can' enjoy yourself. The value resorts and even the moderate resorts (if you catch them during the right deals) are very affordable for the average family. You jsut have to plan well.

My family is not rich and you don't even have to stay at the Disney resorts you can stay at a hotel I. Florida or Cali and go to the parks you can get a hopper pass where you can visit all 4 parks for the one in Florida my parents took me for my birthday when I was about 10

You guys forgot to add the jambo house three bedroom villas at AKL. Booked this room for an upcoming trip (non-dvc) and it's also about $2000 a night.

Sad that those making this place so magical cannot afford to stay in even the lowest price rooms.

Yes, but when you finish your theme park we will all be able to afford your rooms. When will the construction be finished?

On off season, the value resorts, which are themed and very nice can be as low as $49 a night! Also, you can call and plan a stay with the Disney vacation planners up to 36 mos in advance and make monthly payments! Makes it very affordable! We do it all the time!

These are some really great rooms way out of my budget. We will make most likely our last trip next year for our 20th wedding anniversary. We went there on our honeymoon. That will be our 14th trip I think. Maybe if we had saved all the money we spent there we could have book one of them for our second honeymoon.

We stayed in a lodge view room at the Wilderness Lodge. We loved it! We had booked at the Port Orleans resort and since they were re-furnishing it we were upgraded for only $100.00 more for our ten day stay. It was wonderful and we didn't need the Presidential suite.

On off season, the value resorts, which are themed and very nice, can be as low as $49 a night! Also, you can call and plan a stay with the Disney vacation planners up to 36 mos in advance and make monthly payments! Makes it very affordable! We do it all the time! We live 30 minutes from Disney, but still love to stay on property periodically, just to get away! You can include 100% of the cost of your vacation, travel, rooms, dining plans, any extras, and a ton of other things into the total price. And it makes it affordable for almost everyone with a monthly payment plan. So that when you get there, it's totally paid for and you haven't worries. Also, I suggest going to a store(local toy stores etc) and bringing "souvenirs" with you to surprise the kids with when you get there. Saves a ton of money! We also always check in in early evening. Many times we have done so and the resort had been "full or overbooked" and they always upgrade us to a better resort for our inconvenience. We have stayed at the animal kingdom lodge and Polynesian resort for 56$ a night so many times that I've lost count!

I call bull. You have NEVER stayed at polynesian for $56 a night. Not even 20 years ago could you do that. The value resorts are never $56 a night only the campgrounds get that cheap. But we are led to believe that you were able to stay at one of the most expensive resorts on property for less than the Value Resorts nights rates. YEAH RIGHT!

Lovely to read about and see some pics of. Out of my price range by a lot but if we had the money then why not. we are staying in the Art of Animation next Summer and for our trip to florida we will have saved up for two years. Very excited and can't wait. you have to save to enjoy

If you want to visit WDW then you can - you must plan and budget and be flexible. We have been going since it opened (I was 6) and have continued the tradition by taking our 5 kids ... for us vacationing is a priority over other things - the memories will last much longer than the new car or dinners out and movies. Plan, save, budget and be realistic.

I love the nicer places, but the reality is the rooms are simply a place to sleep. If we planned to never leave the room then I could see renting a better room but but we leave the room at 8am and return at 10pm.

Love all the positive comments. There are also times of the year were they offer free dine which is an incentive during off peak times of the year. It is true however that if you want to afford an awesome vacation full of memories for ppl of all ages you have to plan and save which means putting saving Above other things. Saving is a sacrafice. In the end you will get a vacation you will never forget.


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