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25 Intriguing Hidden Secrets at Disney's Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom is packed with rides and shows. But there are dozens of hidden details that are easy to miss as you race from one attraction to another.

Disney's Imagineers have packed every area of the park with hidden secrets and quirky elements that the vast majority of guests will never notice. Looking out for them can add an extra dimension to your visit, as well as helping to pass time that might otherwise be spent waiting around in queues or for others to emerge from a restroom. Take a look at these 25 hidden secrets at the Magic Kingdom...and let us know any we've missed!

25. Split in half

Jungle CruiseOn the Jungle Cruise, look out for the back half of a airplane. The front half of this can be seen in the Casablanca sequence of the Great Movie Ride over at Disney's Hollywood Studios (contrary to rumors, this is not the same plane used in the movie itself).

24. What's in a number?

In Liberty Square, take a look at the two-digit addresses of each of the houses. Adding an "18" before these gives you the time period that each building is meant to represent.

23. Standing tall

Liberty Square Liberty Tree

The enormous Liberty Tree is a live oak tree, and commemorates the meeting place of the Sons of Liberty (as seen in Disney's Johnny Tremaine). It was transplanted from elsewhere on Walt Disney World property, is more than 135 years old and weighed some 35 tons when it was moved. 13 lanterns hang from it, representing the 13 original colonies.

22. Spooky residents

Haunted Mansion

Image © Disney

At night, take a look at the upper-floor windows of the Haunted may just see a few playful spooks.

21. Tributes to the creators

Main Street window

On Main Street, USA, take a look at the names painted on the windows of the upper floor. Walt Disney's window sits above the ice cream parlor, while brother Roy's is above the Main Street Confectionery.

20. Man's best friend

Take a look at the pavement outside Tony's Town Square Restaurant. You'll see the paw prints of both Lady and the Tramp - a special homage to the dogs in the classic Disney animated movie (which is the inspiration for the restaurant itself).

19. Eavesdropping

The Market House on Main Street, USA still features a turn-of-the-century phone mounted on the wall. Pick it up, and you'll be able to listen in on an old-fashioned party line to a conversation between a mother and her daughter. In the Rocket Tower Plaza (beneath the Astro Orbiter) is another phone. Pick up the receiver and press a button, and you'll be connected to a Tomorrowland resident.

18. A royal horse

Image: Disney


On Prince Charming Regal Carrousel, look for a horse that has a gold ribbon on its tail. This is Cinderella's own royal stallion!

17. A cheeky camel

In Adventureland, look out for the large camel close to the Magic Carpets of Aladdin. Catch his eye and he may just spit on you!

16. Listening in


Turn right on Center Street while you are walking towards the castle down Main Street, USA. Stand under the windows marked "Singing Lessons" and "School of Dance" and you may just hear someone practicing the piano or exercising their vocal chords.

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There are 22 comments.

This list is awesome. I'm going to print it up to take on my next visit.

Have learnt so much from reading this article. Will certainly take it with me in 2015 and check them out. Thank you for sharing this with us

If you look in the pet cemetery when you leave the Haunted Mansion ride, there is a statue of Mr Toad. This was added when Winnie the Pooh took over the Mr Toad's Wild Ride. :)

On point 8, in reference to the Claddagh Rings.
These come from Galway in Ireland.
The reason why Lillian bought the rings was because Walts ancestor was a Mayor of Galway City.
The documenation was researched and is now on display in WDW close to the animation courtyard .
Where there is all kinds of cool info on the history of WDW .

I also know that if you look by the red rocks outside Big Thunder Mountain, you can find a hidden Tinkerbell.

I have been to Disney so many times and have never seen these things. I have been writing down so much for my next trip. Thanks. :)

Get a life. Go see another country do something adventurous. This prefabbed tourist trap is for digits and fatties

It's a magical place, so keep your opinions to yourself!

It's a magical place, so keep your opinions to yourself!

It's a magical place, so keep your opinions to yourself!

Go and stick your beer belly on a beach in Spain and let the rest of us enjoy our holidays

Go and stick your beer belly on a beach in Spain and let the rest of us enjoy our holidays

What is your problem? if you don't like Disney why are you even on a site called Theme park Tourist? Is your heart so filled with hate that you need to vent it on a place like this?

We actually sat back and watched the camel spitting on people. It was hilarious!

You forgot to mention all of the guns that people smuggle into Disney World everyday.

Love the list but wish there was a file to print without all the extras!!

Sorry, but I worked at WDW for over 10 years. Those palm trees in Tomorrowland have NEVER opened or closed, nor do they collect any sort of solar energy. I think we can chalk that up to urban legend.

Or more likely, Someone buying the story created by the imagineers as fact. The 'story' is that they open during the day to collect solar power, and then close at night lowering the 'coconuts' which are the batteries the power was stored in. You can see the various stages as you look at the line of trees.

Reality is that they are just pretty set pieces and don't really do anything.

Thanks for this article! I have been to WDW so many times and have never noticed any of these!

My dad worked on disney world while itwas being built. He was an extermi nator. So thank you. But please stop raising your prices. I cant afford to go anymore.

#19 is incorrect. The Market House has been gone for years. That phone can now be found in the Chapeau

I love the details you find at WDW. I also like that the park tries to keep up with the times; however, each time something new is added, one of the original (and, to me, coolest and most historical) details gets lost, replaced, etc.


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