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Here at Theme Park Tourist, we're conducting a series of interviews with current and former Cast Members at Walt Disney World. These will offer an insight into Cast Members' day-to-day roles, the training that they undergo and the aspects of their jobs that they find the most rewarding. We might even uncover a funny story or two. They are a prelude to a new book: Creating the Magic: Life as a Disney Cast Member - if you're interested in being notified when this is released, sign up for our special e-mail newsletter. While we've been conducting the interviews, it's become clear that most Cast Members love their roles, no matter what it is that they do. However, many have pointed out that in order to run a resort on the scale of Walt Disney World, it's necessary to implement verystrict systems. That means repetition - and a lot of it. We're likely to uncover many more of these as we conduct further interviews, but for now here are 13 repetitive tasks that are undertaken by various Walt Disney World Cast Members every single day.

13. Taking photographs


Image © Disney

On a typical day, Walt Disney World's PhotoPass photographers will take between 100,000 and 200,000 pictures of guests at the resort. That's a lot of captured memories - and, of course, a lot of potential sales of PhotoBooks and mugs.

12. Parking strollers 


There are thousands and thousands of kids in strollers at Walt Disney World being pushed around by parents. Before they head into an attraction, these must be parked safely somewhere. Part of the rotation for many Attractions Cast Members is to help out with this. For example, a Kilimanjaro Safaris Cast Member at Disney's Animal Kingdom will drive the safari trucks, but they also work as a greeter, grouper and - of course - parking those pesky strollers.

11. Doing Laundry

Every day, Walt Disney World's Laundry Cast Members average a total of 285,000 pounds of laundry. On top of that, between 30,000 and 32,000 garments are dry cleaned every day.

10. Serving drinks

Coke bottleMore than 75 milion Coca-Colas are consumed each year at Walt Disney World, in bottled and fountain form. On top of that, guests guzzle 13 million bottles of water in the Florida heat.

9. Flipping burgers

Image © Disney
Feeding the masses at Walt Disney World is virtually a military operation. That's the only way Cast Members can manage to serve 10 million hamburgers, 1.6 million turkey drumsticks, 6 million hotdogs, 9 million pounds of french french fries and 300,000 pounds of popcorn every year.

8. Ringing up sales

Image © Disney
Walt Disney World sells a vast amount of merchandise - for example, there are enough Mouse Ear hats sold to stretch 175 miles laid end-to-end. The resort also sells enough character t-shirts to put Mickey Mouse's face on the chest of every resident of Montana. Ringing up all these sales can be very repetitive, as former Merchandise Cast Member Amy recalls: "In merchandise the most important thing that you have to worry about is counting out change and keeping track of money. Although most people just use credit cards these days, there are specific procedures for dealing with cash. Even though the cash register automatically tells you how much change to give, you’re expected to count back all the change into the guest’s hand starting with the sum that they spent and counting up to the amount that they gave you." There's still time for some fun, though: "In some of the slower gift shops near Jungle Cruise and Aladdin, we had opportunities to play with the guests and make fun magical moments. There’s a hopscotch game on the floor in one of the stores where we could play with kids, and we always had stickers on hand to give to small children."

7. Signing autographs

Mickey autograph
Image © Disney
It's not just Cast Members who are forced into repeating tasks. The characters at Disney's parks (who, of course, are real) must sign dozens of autographs every day. If you stacked up the number of standard autograph books sold by the resort annually, it would be enough to match the height of 200 Cinderella Castles. Add in the Princess-style autograph books and the pile would reach 88 miles into space if laid end-to-end.


Personally I was hoping for more of a list of what EVERY CM needs to to repetitively. Not the different job types. At least the trash pickup, direction giving, and finger pointing were covered.

How did lowering restraints and lap bars not make the list? The vote had to be rigged!

They forgot attractions cast members here! pushing the green button is a way of life

Oh don't worry, I'm pretty sure there's a follow-up article here that focuses just on Attractions!

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