Cannon Coaster

In 1902, New York's Coney Island amusement park planned to install a new roller coaster with a unique feature - a gap in its track.

The idea of George Francis Meyer's Cannon Coaster was that the train would leap over the gap, in a thrilling effect that had never been attempted before. Had the park managed to pull it off, the ride would have simulated the "car leaps canyon" seen in innumerable action movies since.

The "leap the gap" concept would see the cars race through the bore of a wooden "cannon", accelerating downwards and then hopping over the gap. It was tested with sandbags, but numerous crashes resulted. In the end, no humans ever rode this bizarre contraption.

Cannon Coaster

Image via Westland.net

The gap in the tracks was filled in, and the Cannon Coaster operated for several years as a traditional coaster. Without the gap, it was a little boring - but that didn't stop people flocking to ride it. They had heard false rumors of numerous injuries and even deaths that had occured during the testing phase.

Would you ride the Cannon Coaster?

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