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5 Ridiculous Things Regularly Seen and Heard by Disney Cast Members

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Working in the parks, Disney Cast Members see and hear some strange and perplexing things from time to time.

It’s a well-known fact that Cast Members hear some strange questions throughout the day. One of the more common inquiries even made its way onto a tee shirt reading “What time is the 3 o’clock parade?” Gift shop guests probably laughed at the cute attire, but this is no exaggeration of the bizarre things seen and heard around the parks.

Orlando residents often contend that tourists simply leave their brains at home when they leave for vacation. There just isn’t room in their baggage for something so trivial. To be a little more fair, hours spent pounding the pavement in the Florida heat and sun can fry just about anyone’s brain after a while. Decipherable or not, the unusual encounters that take place with Disney guests are certainly entertaining.

5. Geographical miscalculations

With Walt Disney World being one of the most well-known theme parks on the planet, you might expect guests to have some idea of what they’ll encounter on arrival. The Magic Kingdom is the most-visited park in the world, with over 17 million visitors in 2011 alone. Nevertheless, many guests show up at the wrong park entirely for what they’re after.

Hogwarts Castle

No, Hogwarts is NOT a Disney castle.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios often gets visitors who are actually looking for Universal Studios Florida or Islands of Adventure in the Universal Orlando Resort. Working in Disney’s Hollywood Studios I was once asked for directions to Jaws, The Simpsons, The Mummy, and Shrek, all of which are located in Universal Studios Florida. Another Cast Member once overheard a disgruntled man saying the only reason he had agreed to come to Disney’s Hollywood Studios was to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – found in Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

An even bigger geographical miscalculation occurred when a guest at the Magic Kingdom asked a Cast Member for directions to the Matterhorn. That particular attraction is located nearly 2,500 miles away at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. If you’re going to plan a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to Disney, do make sure you’re headed to the right side of the country.

4. Comments about the weather

Many busy families probably have a limited amount of time to plan their vacations, which is how these little mishaps happen. Some other questions Cast Members have heard aren’t nearly as easy to explain. One question that pops up time and again is “Why is it raining?” Other less common variations include “Can’t you control the weather here?” and “I thought there was a weather dome over Disney World.” If you find yourself contemplating the great mysteries of the weather in Orlando, here’s a comprehensive summary of what the Cast Members can tell you:

  • No, there is nothing in, over, or around the parks that can do anything to control the weather. There are, however, lightning rods strategically placed throughout Walt Disney World so the weather that we have absolutely no control over probably won’t include a lightning strike to the top of your tall tour group flag.
  • It is raining because the warm air has cooled slightly causing the water droplets in those clouds overhead to condense and become larger. Those droplets of water are too heavy to stay up in the air and are therefore falling down and disrupting your vacation.
  • It rains almost every day in Central Florida during the summer – usually in the afternoon. Hurricane season lasts from June 1 through November 30. Florida gets more storms than other state in the US. Don’t be surprised when if it rains while you’re here. Be surprised if it doesn’t.

Rainy days aren’t the only times when guests find themselves looking to the sky. One guest noticed the moon on a particularly clear night and demanded to know how it was done. Alas, Disney magic does not yet extend to the moon.

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There are 37 comments.

WDW is my happy place, whether I am physically there or scrapbook wishing. This article was very entertaining and good for a few chuckles this morning. Thanks.

While some guests do ask some pretty odd questions, there are answers to all of them. What matters is how the answer is presented. And sometimes you really have to look deep down into the real meaning of the question and realize that not every guest poses their questions effectively. Example: The guest doesn't want to know what time the 3 o clock parade starts. They want to know what time it arrives "RIGHT HERE WHERE I AM SITTING".

Hit the nail on the head Scott. I have been asked many times "How do I get to Disney World?" When we are in fact right there in the middle of Disney World. Each and every time I have been asked this question I have found the guest was actually looking for Magic Kingdom. I also enjoy the question "What is the cable that goes from Cinderella's Castle into Tomorrowland for?" With a smile I rely "That is Cinderella's cable connection. She gets 850 channels with that thing!!!"

My granddaughter believes with all her little Disney heart, that it's the cord they pull that starts the fireworks!!

My favorite answer to that question is:"this is the happiest place on earth and if we didn't tie that Castle up, it would just float away!" Cheesy, but I love it!

Actually Disneyland is the "Happiest Place on Earth." Disney World is the "Most Magical Place on Earth." :-)

Actually, Walt Disney World is "where dreams come true."

Slogan The Most Magical Place On Earth

Slogan The Most Magical Place On Earth

Actually Disneyland is the "Happiest Place on Earth." Disney World is the "Most Magical Place on Earth." :-)

Now that's funny!!

I heard a cast member refer to it as Cinderella's clothes line... Love it!

Y favorite answer about the lone from the castle came from a cast member on our first trip (not knowing) I asked he told me and my kids it was a line peter drew for tinker bell so she knew where to fly. I was ecstatic not knowing that tink flew from the castle at the start of the fireworks

I used to work at the gift shops in the hotels by downtown disney. One woman came in, picked up the very recognizable little black hat with mickey ears, then asked me "is this the hat with mickey mouse ears?" I wanted to strangle her.

I think the emphasis of her question was "The" hat. She just wanted to be sure she was getting the right gift or request for someone important. It is a very important Disney item.

I always have to admire the patience cast members at Disney world have compared with say, a random employee at your local amusement park. It's a credit to the training and the attitude. Kudos to any cast members reading this!

The question about what time is the 3:00 parade reminds me of our church in Massachusetts that routinely gets the question of "What time is the midnight mass?" on Christmas Eve? Bizarre questions come from every walk of life. I used to like the questions that passengers asked Cruise Ship Staff such as "Do the staff stay on the ship at night," and "Do the elevators go from the front to the back of the ship?" People are crazy!!!!

What time is the 3:00 parade? It depends on where you are sitting. ;-)

With regards to the midnight Mass, many churches nowadays have the "Midnight Mass" at an earlier time. The term "Midnight Mass" now has less to do with the start time and more to do with the style and tone of the worship, and the set of readings professed. So it's actually a lot more sensible of a question than it would seem.

It only rains when they have an over stock of the yellow ponchos. ;)

Or the clear ponchos - we stopped selling yellow ones years ago for a couple reasons. One was ride safety - I've heard a tale of a guest on the Tower of Terror who was wearing a yellow poncho, which was concealing an infant who wasn't strapped in (or anywhere near tall enough to ride the elevator). The other reason is the lost parent problem - it's easier to identify "mommy" or "daddy" when you can see the clothes through the poncho.

I overheard a couple on the Epcot monorail talking about how they have to take the monorail to Magic Kingdom and walk to the Contemporary because "it goes through there but doesn't stop like it did yesterday". And alas they got off at the TTC and took the Magic Kingdom monorail not the one that says "Resorts" lol

I am a past Disney cast member at the contemporary resort and my favorite question was "do we catch the bus from the fourth floor?" I didn't know that Disney owned the magic school bus. Lol. Another one of my favorites was "there is a tree blocking my view to the magic kingdom" and come to find out that the tree was in the magic kingdom itself.

As a CM at Disney's Animal Kingdom, I have heard many unbelievable things, but the most bizarre was when a guest asked me if Walt was buried underneath the Tree of Life. To be honest, I was so taken aback by the question that I could not come up with an equally rediculous answer, so I just stated "No". The guest looked at me quizzically. "I KNOW he is there"!
I just had to walk away....

I've worked in hotels for the last 15 years and have had to deal with some bizarre questions and requests.. But I take my hat off to Disneys CM's, as much as this has made me giggle all the way though I'm unsure as to how you stay sane at times lol

Last year we got talking to a CM in EPCOT whilst waiting for illuminations, she hadn't been at WDW too long and we couldn't resist a little wind up (well we are Brits) so we told her at Christmas it snows everywhere in every park on the hour every hour - she bought it for a while bless her! I think I also got her when I asked if the brightly shining star was Walts star and do they switch in on at night, I think she thought I was crazy at first! Lol

As a former CM it is true we get a lot of strange questions. I myself received the 3'oclock parade time question. I informed the woman it depended where she was standing, that it would be at mainstreet at 3:11 and would be where sue was standing at 3:05. She looked at me like i was the dumbest person in the world and stormed off.

I also had a lady ask me in Animal Kingdom where they could catch the monorail to Magic Kingdom, that someone told them it was in the middle of the Safari ride.

Although I live near WDW now, I've never worked there; but in my youth (in the mid-'80s) I attended college in Williamsburg (as in "Colonial"), VA, and I spent five summers as a tour guide in Washington, DC. In Williamsburg, we used to play tricks on tourists who asked where the Wren Building (the main college building -- very historic) was, when they were standing right in front of it. We invariably pointed all the way down to the other end of Duke of Gloucester Street, to the Capitol, and said that was it. We were awful...

In Washington, I got all kinds of questions, but the ones that stick with me were (1) at Arlington National Cemetery, being asked if the bodies were buried vertically; and (2) being asked for directions to Kansas City ... while standing beside the Lincoln Memorial. (Speaking of which, I won't even tell you how many times I was asked for directions to the Lincoln Memorial -- again, WHILE STANDING BESIDE THE LINCOLN MEMORIAL.) Good times...

Many years ago I worked operations for the Festival of the Lion King show at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Most people realize that the music & character voices are taped for the show and every now & then technical difficulties might cause the show to be delayed or sometimes cancelled. On one such day the track with Timon's voice was not working properly. Guests asked what was wrong and to maintain the magic we told guests that Timon had laryngitis but we were trying hard to make him feel better so he could do the show. Most of the guests got what we were talking about but one persistent older lady told us that she paid a lot of money and demanded that we get an understudy immediately. Of course everyone sitting around her smirked at her insane comment.

I once had a guest approach me at the train station on Main Street and ask how to get to the Magic Kingdom. This guest insisted that she was at Disney World and wanted to go to the Magic Kingdom. I explained that they where standing in the Magic Kingdom, but the guest did not believe me and kept saying: No, you don't know what you're talking about. THIS is Disney World and I want to go to Magic Kingdom. After quite the argument and multiple explanations, I finally told the guest to take the ferry boat to the Ticketing and Transportation Center, from which they could take the Magic Kingdom monorail to the Magic Kingdom. Then I watched as the the guest followed my instructions, left the park, and got onto the ferry boat. I was no there to see the guest come back to the park, but I assume they weren't pleased.


Why is it so funny that a woman might think Timon could have an understudy? Maybe she thought the voices were done live like most shows and plays, so what's so funny about that?

I agree, Mark. Even though I assume everything from parades to stage shows is pre-recorded and played back in perfect synchronization, I realize not all people would know that's how it's done.

On our last trip to Magic Kingdom I spotted a guest with a hat that read "F-ck Yeah" (missing letter included), pushing a stroller and holding the hand of a toddler. Wonder what sorts of questions he had for cast members?

Oh my goodness! I just went to Disneyland Tokyo and saw a shirt with the F word with nothing blanked out and a handbag with it on there. I wonder if they realize what the English words they have chosen to wear mean?

I have two favorites from my days as a CM - 1. Guest insisted that I show them the switch on the monorail that made it hover. After a while, I told her that it was against safety regulations to show her. 2. Working a GMR, guest asked how to get to the monorail and insisted that she rode it to the park. It took two managers and myself to convince her that there was no monorail at the park. I really wanted to tell her 'well ma'am l, when you find it let me know'.

Oh my lord, I think this is my favorite article. I was laughing so much at the... Uh... "Interesting" question XD I surely hope it isn't grown adults asking "why is it raining" or "why can I see the moon?" and my gosh, the HM question haha! It's literally the only.ride in MK where you aren't forced to smile! It's all part of the act, but I guess some people... Are.. Well for lack of better words, not fully there ahaha. I don't blame them though. Who needs a brain when you're trying to have fun? XD

This isn't Disney related, but comes from my 9 years of working customer service at McDonald's in the 1990's. Most people know that almost every McDonald's (especially at that time) stop serving breakfast at 10:30. A woman pulled up to the drive thru speaker at about 10:50 one morning and placed her breakfast order. I had to inform her that unfortunately, we stop serving breakfast at 10:30. As serious as a heart attack, she replied irritatingly, "That's what they told me at the LAST McDonald's I just went to!!!" O.o


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